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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by animatrix420, Sep 27, 2010.

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    where do i find a good marijuana temperature and humidity
  2. jebus89

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    not in my grow room.. until someone answers my post!

    Do you mean you want to messure the temperature and humidity?

    Depending on wut country u live in: Your local hardware or "home" store

    Just buy a random thermometer and hygrometer or if u wanna get fancy, go digital with min/max!
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  3. keylime

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    The IDEAL temperature for growing is 75F, Humidity in veg room around 50-60%, flowering about 40-50%
  4. Hbuddy

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    I had really high humidity for awhile. When i got a hydrometer it was over 80% but didnt feel humid in the room at all. I broke down and got a dehumidifier and with in days the difference was very noticable.
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    With temps in the high 80's growth slows and most bug populations thrive in those temperatures. Most strains will handle 55-70 degree temps without showing much stress, although some are very sensitive to the cold.

    While humidity isnt such a huge deal in veg, high humidity in flower can cause cause fungus and other mold problems. Growth also slows as the Stomata won't open if the Humidity and temps arent right.
  6. WashougalWonder

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    Actually this is a very good question with a deep answer.

    First, the plants grow in a wide temperature range and humidity. In the wild, there is air movement and the roots are in the ground, two key elements to the answer to the question.

    As long as the roots stay below 80 degrees and above 50 degrees F you are fine. The plant can take well over 115 if the roots are not overheated.

    The humidity issue can be a problem in flower, but air movement and exchange is the key to this also...just like nature's wind. I had a week of 90% humidity and was very worried I would get bud mold on my almost done plants. Fortunately my fans exchanged enough air that there was no stagnation to allow mold to form.

    So, there is no 'ideal' temperature or humidity, but there are factors that must be considered during a grow.

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