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Discussion in 'Northern California' started by berdichev, May 29, 2009.

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    hello everyone, my name is Idan , and i'm 22 from Jerusalem , Israel.
    for a long time i try to get some details about working in marijuana farms in Garberville , CA.
    the problem is that i'm living in Israel and i don't know any people there that can help me.
    do you know few details about that?
    i really want to work in this kind of job.
    thanks , Idan
  2. killerweed420

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    Its pretty hard to get into the business unless you know somebody. And growers tend to be pretty private about what they do. Even if you're legal you can still get persecuted.
  3. uneeeuh

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    if you do just be paranoid ok?....if you hear choppers too close or people or dogs yelling or you get a feeling in your gut that says, fast and get lost..and remember to take it like a man if you get caught...its part of the job until you get paid and the job is done, is after all a 3 month job
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    lol marijuana farms
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    while the Garberville area is known to be relatively tolerant of marijuana cultivation, it's just not done in 'farms' ... generally, small patches of plants are scattered here, and there ... occasionally, you may see on TV, where a huge garden was busted, but that's not the norm ... as said previously, you don't just 'walk into' a pot-growing operation, you will need to know someone ... I have a very good, close friend, I've known for 25+ years, and never saw his garden, until a couple years ago ... that's called 'smart' growing ... :smokin:
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