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  1. kimchibanana

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    Ok so my friends mom has tons and tons of marinal so he took like 200 of her pills. So the first day we only took 2 and smoke a few bowls of some stress then a bowl of stress with some hash on top and then we went to McDonalds. This high lasted for about 8 hours we think it was the marinal that made it last so we agreed to take 10 the next day. So next day we take 10 pills then decide to to pop a few pills on top of the bowl (gel pills) we packed snappers but these snappers lasted like 6 hits and the high came on instantly. An hour goes by and we are tripping not high we are tripping. It was the best highs ive ever had from weed. I came home 4 hours later and crashed on the bed and totally passed out. My mom said she had to unlock my door and turn off all the lights in my room and said she tryed talking to me but i was talking back incoherently. I do not recall any of this.
  2. beachguy in thongs

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    Make sure you look up drugs and their effects, before you mix them, please.

    Especially, those (awesome) French Fries at Mickey D's.
  3. johnny cottonmouth

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    damn it beachguy now i have to go get some of those damn fries. ill be back
  4. kimchibanana

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    marinal is thc pills
  5. johnny cottonmouth

    johnny cottonmouth Registered+

    oh yeah btw kim not smart mixin meds done b4 woulnt do it again
  6. kimchibanana

    kimchibanana Registered+

    im mixing weed with weed not really that worried
  7. hipEstoner

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    biugegr, kinkgs frieys ahgre bjetter, ankd haordeis htinck buurbgaes
  8. beachguy in thongs

    beachguy in thongs Registered+

    Make sure there's no human, dog, or cat hair floating around. I'll pack a bowl and notice a little kitty hair, then I pull it out and the half the herb comes with it.
  9. johnny cottonmouth

    johnny cottonmouth Registered+

    oh ok kim didnt know that
  10. Mogizzle

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    Have heard of Marinol as THC pills, not sure if Marinal is a different pill or result of spelling error..

    I wouldn't mind a few of the Marinol pills but it's unlikely.
  11. kimchibanana

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    yes marinol i mean.

    i also found this conversation i didnt even know i had
    [20:34] thejman1101: kk
    [20:46] thejman1101: did u trip at all
    [20:46] Kimchibanana: yes alot
    [20:46] thejman1101: fast heartbeat
    [20:46] thejman1101: hallucinations
    [20:47] thejman1101: testicular swelling
    [20:47] thejman1101: which 1
    [20:47] Kimchibanana: all
    [20:47] thejman1101: especally the last
    [20:47] thejman1101: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [20:50] Kimchibanana: dog im so tired but hungry
    [20:50] thejman1101: i havent eaten all day
    [20:50] thejman1101: just pizza
    [20:50] thejman1101: how is joshes mom
    [20:51] thejman1101: o ya and did anything happen while i was home those 2 days???

    [20:51] thejman1101: at schoo
    [21:02] thejman1101: robert
    [21:02] thejman1101: u pass out or sumtin
    [21:03] thejman1101: scream twice if u want me to call and ambulance
    [21:03] thejman1101: ..
  12. Storm Crow

    Storm Crow Registered+

    The quality of your friends

    If you were expecting praise for you actions, you've come to the wrong place. Marinol is prescribed only for serious illnesses. And your friend steals his sick mother's medicine? How low can you go? And if he is willing to steal from his sick mother, what makes you think he won't steal from YOU. You had weed and hash and yet you use a sick person's medicine to get high. Seriously, you need some new friends and to get a sense of what is right and what is wrong. And mixing drugs is stupid and dangerous. I hope you live long enough to grow up.

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