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  1. BDubz26062

    BDubz26062 Registered+

    has anyone here tried "MARINOL" its a THC pill...and does it have the same effects as if u would smoke a joint or so.. its 10mg i got 5 of them i was j/w if it would feel the same as weed
  2. 187

    187 Registered+

    probably not the same because weed has more than just the thc in it that gets you high
  3. SiXFeEtDeEp

    SiXFeEtDeEp Registered+

    no i belive the THC is what gets ya high lol

  4. andruejaysin

    andruejaysin Registered+

    It is, but they are pretty weak. My friends sister had them, and she always bought weed because they didn't do anything. I ate 3 or 4 (it's been years) and didn't get anything off of them. Probably intended for people who don't smoke pot. Even tried breaking them open, and smoking the oil inside, still didn't get me high, and tasted awful.
  5. 187

    187 Registered+

    umm there are many cannabiods in weed besides thc its not the only thing that effects your brain
  6. Optimus Pot

    Optimus Pot Registered+

    "Marinol A year's supply can cost as much as $15,000"

    Fuck that shit! You know much pot you could buy with $15,000? Why spend that much on some pill that's nowhere near as good as the shittiest schwag? The only reason Marinol exists is because the drug companies couldn't patent Marijuana.
  7. StonerBlond74

    StonerBlond74 Registered

    A friend's father has Alzheimer's, and he stopped eating. He was prescribed Marinol to increase his appetite. Hard to say if he got high from it since he's so out of it to begin with, but he did start eating again...
  8. sToNeDpEnGuIn420

    sToNeDpEnGuIn420 Registered+

    i took 4 of them(dont know mg) but i got fucked up. I felt super body stoned for like 2-3 hours. THen i popped 4 concertas, haha didnt sleep that night. Barely remeber it either. Also we smoked a bowl or two. It seemed like it upped the effects of the pill.
  9. BDubz26062

    BDubz26062 Registered+

    Ok, i ended up just taking the 3 thank god.. I got so high it was crazy..i was higher than the first time i ever blazed.. I was high for a total of 6 hours..then usually when i smoke it lasts for about 1 hour to 2 if that...the first 2 hours was the most intense high ever, i tripped my balls off and had crazy visuals..I mean actully tripped out...crazy shit

    its cheaper than weed higher thc content
    cant wait to get more
  10. DaBuh

    DaBuh Registered+

    where can i get some of those parents just busted me on smokin, these show up on drug tests?
  11. BDubz26062

    BDubz26062 Registered+

    they have THC in yes they will show up on a drug test as if u was smoking weed...

    Where i live they are around and cheap to buy from people who sell em...
    im not sure where u can get them at...ask around
  12. bobschmuck

    bobschmuck Registered

    When I went through chemo, I took marinol. It didn't feel the same as marijuana. It was more increased my apatite and numbed the pain. very little of the high feeling.

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