Mars COB-First try

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by hydrogarden, Jan 31, 2018.

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    Oh,thank you,I contact them today ,I searched them on the web and get their email( ,they give me the discount privilege kindly,excited any way.:doublethumbs:
  2. hydrogarden

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    Great, hope you lucky:D
  3. hydrogarden

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    Hey fellow blades! So, dealing with thrips isnt as easy as i thought. I thought they were gone but it seems the next round of eggs hatched. So they got another spray of some insectisidal soap, giving her a spray undet the leaves on top, on stems and soil. So hopefully 1 more treatment on any eggs and itll be over.

    As an extra measure i lollipopped my girls to get rid of lower growth and lower insect numbers.

    Other than that gave her a big drink of water with 1 ml of biothrive grow, 1 ml of cal mag and some kelp.

    ( plant elevated for watering, i use the orange crate to catch run off in a dish in case someones wondering lol )
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    Uhh, that's a different forum. ;)

    Good luck with your grow. :)
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    Had on different forum. Thank you bro. Hope you have enjoy your grow :bananadance:
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    Wow,a different forum,Good luck.

    Guys,do you celebrate Green Day on 17th this month?sounds funny,everyone will wear green hats, clothes, shoes, and hear that there are many green products will be discounted only on that day.Do you find anything interesting?

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