Matanuska Thunderfuck

Discussion in 'Strains and Seeds' started by SaanenGoats, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. SaanenGoats

    SaanenGoats Registered+

    Hey guys,

    I noticed that Dr. Greenthumb has a new seed in stock, Matanuska Thunderfuck. I've heard a lot about it, and I'm wondering if it's possible that he actually has it, and whether it is worth the price. (C$265 for 10). Does anyone know anything about this seed, or have any comments on the value of these seeds??
  2. Gatekeeper777

    Gatekeeper777 Registered+

    i know that for C$265 it better be some damn good area 51 shit, thats just plain hella-stupid.
    WOW, i am in the wrong business.
  3. bong_man

    bong_man Registered+

    10 seeds for $265!!!! that wud have to be some mystial bud!
  4. the yeag

    the yeag Banned

    well the price is right for quality seeds.. matanuska thunderfuck, the originol strain was clone only. That was in 1970 something. Today fine genetics still come from the northland. Seeds that hold traits of the originol mtf are alaska thunder, yukon gold, matanuska tundra. I would trust another company that sells this strain it is called SAGARMATHA seeds. I highly doubt the doc has been holding on to clones for thirty years , or anyone for that matter. Doc greenthumb does claim his seeds are from the originol strain, but i call bulshit. Try trading seeds to one of our alaskan members.
  5. the yeag

    the yeag Banned

    $$$$=quality genetics. $=noob dirt weed and hermies. go buy some shitty seeds that sell for 30 bucks for ten...good luck you will need it, or your easily satisfied.
  6. Scarlet Sky

    Scarlet Sky Registered+


    i have GOT to find yukon gold if it is still in existence... i can't find it anywhere!

    please help me track it down if you can... i'll love you forever :D

    Sky :abduct:

    trades are doable...
  7. the yeag

    the yeag Banned

    Email B at he will hook ya up. I have found they will get you about anything.
  8. Scarlet Sky

    Scarlet Sky Registered+

    thank you thank you thank you!!! oh, i hope i can get a hold on the gold; haven't seen it or heard about it in over ten years... soo sweet and honeyish, with a knockdown mellow... it took me thirty minutes to realize i was obliterated! good stuff :D

    thanx again yeag, and hey, i'd realy like to talk to you; i've been trying to get you to email me for months now...

    if you have time, please drop me a line babyjesslockhart@yahoo

    love, Sky :abduct:
  9. the yeag

    the yeag Banned

    will do..if hemp depot does not have it go with sagmartha seeds. i hear they have sweet ass genetics. they have something real similar to what you want.
  10. freewheelinfrank

    freewheelinfrank Registered+

    I've never tried Matanuska, but most reports I've read, indicate it's potency is disappointing, (doesn't live up to it's reputation) - ???
  11. xcrispi

    xcrispi Registered+

    hell yeah yeag ,
    Bel. there at H/D rocks man .
    crispi :S5:
  12. the yeag

    the yeag Banned

    Well like you said have never tried it:S4: don't shit on the last frontier:jointsmile:
  13. spankey

    spankey Registered+

    i got the chance to smoke it in the very early 80's ya if it was real mtf it would be worth the money if you have the skill to grow the monster plant. it is the type of plant that is tough for even kbs growers. BUT THE STRAIN IS DEAD. so do not waist your money.
  14. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    Fine fine genetics are still kicking around up there.
    I have personally grown and can vouch for a couple of the surviving Alaskan local lines, gifted to me by 2 friends.
    One MTF-derived line was by FAR the burliest plant I have ever seen, with dense buds and a fine aroma/flavor to boot. When I broke down my grow it was one of the few strains that I decided to keep in mother form in a safe location. Thanks Sweet Daddy D :D

    Yeag knows his shit re: the Thunderfucks.
  15. Rolla Fatty

    Rolla Fatty Registered

    I have some of these going right now. I'll let you know how it works out.
  16. Botanyx

    Botanyx Registered+

    cut my mtf down two weeks ago. very dreemy high that lasts and lasts. to me it tastes like columbian from back in the 70's. didnt get a huge yield indoors but i think i'll try it outdoors
  17. 3sixty

    3sixty Registered

    Got this photo from I think it is the real thing but would apprecaite some input from the oldtimers. you have to double click it to see it at a decent size

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  18. canna-bliss

    canna-bliss Registered

    it supposed to be great sativa that tastes like red grapes from alaska. if tthe seeds really are Alaskan Matanuska Thunderfuck. then its probably worth it
  19. ericwt

    ericwt Banned

    That looks like the real thing:D
  20. spankey

    spankey Registered+

    it looks close so it is probably a hybrid. the original strain is gone but there are some very good hybreds of it. it was grown by clones for so long that males were not prodused anymore. a friend of mine used to live in matinuska valley and grew it out doors. his trees got to about 8' with huge buds.

    they may not be true trhunderfuck but i bet it is almost as good!!
    looks very tasty!! but remember the pure strain is dead. that does not mean it is not close. and if it is a true strain when you grow it i recomend keeping your best male and continue the strain those seeds could make you some bank locally. i am sure friends and others you know will pay through the nose to buy those seeds from you and probable half the people here would also. i know i would. to me it would be like finding bigfoot :Rasta:

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