maui waui & blueberry day 45 flowering 200wats 14k lumen start

Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by growdemon, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. growdemon

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    maui waui & blueberry day 45 flowering with 200wat 14k lumen from bag seed in soil
    maui are the 2 in the back & the 2 blueberry is up front
    I just added 350 wats for side lighting with another 6k lumen for the final week to help with the final flowering. kickin 20k lumen now.

    medical grow

    thanks for looking, any thoughts or suggestions or comments are welcome

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  2. growdemon

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    crap server hung, and double posted how do i delete a posting
  3. growdemon

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    final results.

    which actually I had 2 males which I dusted the lower portion after harvest and grew it out for another month and walla!

    Blueberry + Maui Waui seeds

    MAUI Berry

    these are now planted and 5 days into flowering

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  4. Da_Toker

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    holy wow dude. those are sweet !! I hope that one day my op can produce something like that !
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  5. growdemon

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    thanks d00d. i just posted some new pics from the offspring (seeds) from this batch

    you know, everyone is so Mad when they get male plants... they hack them up.. skrew that. grow them out, and collect the pollen. Ive already got males from these seeds which have already flowered and shed pollen.
    I will be making some new seeds with this male pollen
    whitedream + Maui Berry
    Diablo OG + Maui Berry
  6. Scratch_Cats

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    Well done!
    I see you trimmed the fan leaves. I'm entering a similar state of grow as the second picture in your first post and I'm wondering if you recommend trimming the leaves?
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  7. growdemon

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    those pics were taken around day 45,
    they were close to harvest time, i see a little boost in cola;s from plucking the big fan leaves a few weeks before its ready
    mostly i will take the biggest fan leafs and twist them together (tie) them out of the way before i chop them off, or twist them so they are side ways and not flat to allow for more light or bend them away

    honestly, ive done both and i dont see any difference
    there may be more pics showing this in my photo albums

    you can also take your finger nail and penetrate the stem before an internode, itll beef up your buds, kinda a LST/supercrop technique's, with a high bloom food like MOAB
  8. floyd922

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    Hi Bro,that,s some serious shit u got man,nice move with the 2 males(just think if any 1 ask,s have u ever deliverd a baby)U can say I have an wot a baby it was!HaHa.I,ll admit they look like..heaven-id say good luck-but u seem 2 have enough.FLOYD.
  9. growdemon

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    thanks bro,,,
    yea my home brew seeds are in week 4 of 12/12 flowering now.
    I added new photo's to my profile album. i cant w8 to get some of thie sticky gooey goodness
    they are starting to beef up more now. i just fed them yesterday 4th week in flower mode.

    and man, o man this maui berry, is so fruity. im like woa.. they smell like how blueberry oranges would taste
  10. Fifis

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    You my friend have some talent, strain looks sick
  11. growdemon

    growdemon Registered+

    its hard to w8 for the harvest.. hehe
  12. BambiGrower

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