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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Elena_La_Loca, Jan 20, 2019.

  1. Elena_La_Loca

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    So, I know the world doesn't really follow politics here in mexico... so I decided to give you guys an exciting update!

    AS OF Oct. 31, 2018, The Supreme Court has ruled that prohibiting adult use of Marijuana is unconstitutional!! This is a MAJOR WIN for paving the path to Legalization for Adult Use in any form (medicinal, recreational, etc)

    Congress now has 90 days from ruling date (so it's coming up soon) to change laws to adhere to such ruling...

    Quote from web source - "When Congress declares marijuana prohibition unconstitutional in Mexico, the federal government of the United States will be the only prohibitionist jurisdiction left in North America. Canada now has legal marijuana. More than 30 states in the U.S. have some form of marijuana legalization. And now with Mexico legalizing consumption and production, the only drug warriors remaining in North America are President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions."

    Read more:

    SO... I am EXCITED for these times... and the world is finally WAKING UP and Mexico just may be the THIRD country to go LEGAL!!!
  2. Weezard

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    Jeff Sessions is no longer a problem.
    But the new, soon to be confirmed A.G. is anti cannabis also.:(
    Yeah, things are changing real fast in the states.
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  3. Elena_La_Loca

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    Do I sense a hint of sarcasm? :rolleyes:

    I am happy that there are many states in the USA legalizing the plant now... but it's going to remain an extremely grey area until it becomes a federal rule. I have high hopes (pun intended lol) for the USA, and if it becomes legal on both sides of the country (Canada and Mexico), they JUST MAY be forced to comply with the times.

    Being Canadian, I was SUPER IMPRESSED that the Prime Minister actually FULFILLED his campaign promise!!! Wow... simply WOW.
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    If some the cannabis (pro cannabis) folks here in the USA would just stop their hate long enough to try and make nice with the GOP and the president and sweet talk them a bit instead of spewing sewer strength hate, we might could get some progress. But as long as there’s vitriol being showered down on Trump, he’s probably going to drag his feet, and tbh, I would be the same way. You treat me like shit and spread lies and I’m going to politely walk away from the table. He’s already telegraphed his support by signing the farm (hemp) bill into law. Yet some folks just keep shitting on him. Think of it this way.
    Catch more flies with honey and sugar than you will with piss and vinegar.
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  5. Elena_La_Loca

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    True on that concept on be nice to make nice... never are there positive results with antagonism.
    Personally.. I don't know too much with the politics in the USA, but I know there's always opposing sides to everything. How they go about it (ie: "shitting on people") is something I am not privy to, though I wouldn't dismiss the possibility.

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