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Discussion in 'Illinois (IL)' started by purplesundayz, Sep 27, 2010.

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    what's the word on medical marijuana in illinois? are we still waiting for that one house vote next session? I also thought i read somewhere that we could get it as early as november?
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    lol i think that was for cali recreationally.
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    Actually, I thought that I read something like that as well... But, I'm not that up to date with my information.

    In any case, it seems like the community is growing in Illinois. I wouldn't be suprised if it becomes medicinal here.
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  5. purplesundayz

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    Hey! I am one of the advocates for the bill, working close with Rep Lang on the bill. Here's what we know. If Lou can get the needed 70+ votes for veto session in November he will bring the bill up. If he thinks for any reason that it wont pass, he'll wait until January when he'll need less votes. It may have to go back through the Senate for revisions but that shouldn't be a problem. Anyone elected in November will not take seat until January, 2011. If Bill Brady gets elected God help us all, he has stated he will not support the bill. Quinn has said he will consider it and his personal doctor is all for it.

    So hang in there Illinois! If your from here please call those reps and demand they work for you! Tell them you support medical cannabis and expect them to do so as well. They were voted in by us, the voters, and work for us, not their personal interests. It's a natural herb and harmless, unlike all those pills that are forced down patients throats. Cannabis has never killed anyone, but pills have.

    If you get trouble from reps saying regulation, production, blah blah blah here's what we tell them. We tell them our bill is the strictest of all states and it will be regulated by the health department who will do extensive background check on all dispensaries. They will make up the rules in which we all follow and will moderate and inspect on a regular basis. Anyone who is found to be in violation will have their license stripped immediately. Then ask them have they read the bill? If not, send them a copy.

    If they claim the cops are against it, remind them the Illinois State Police have gone neutral. It wouldn't hurt to bring up that the Veteran's Administration has also signed a directive for vets to legally use cannabis in states where it's legal.

    It's going to happen! :thumbsup:
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    The house didn't get enough votes to pass our medical cannabis bill so it has been postponed until January. There's still a chance but a slim one at that. It's lame duck session meaning some may not show up that we had as a yes vote.

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