Medical Marijuana and sex of your childern ??

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    I don't really know where to ask this question so I figured here would be best.

    Does smoking (a man) marijuana increase your chances of having female children? My father, myself and 2 of my brothers that never smoked weed have all had male children, my 2 other brothers that have always been big weed smokers have only female children; could this be a reason for this?

    I have heard many different opinions about this question. I have read and heard that yes it does make it more likely that a man would produce female children, not a 100% but it does make it more likely. What have you all heard. Is there any medical studies the prove or disprove this. I have heard that if it does work this way you would have to be a huge smoker for years and I have also heard that just getting really high for a day or 2 greatly increases the chances of having a girl if the child was conceived during your 2 day bender. I have heard that is does something along the lines of killing off or greatly reducing the male sperm a man produces while he high.

    Like I said, I have all boys and have just recently started smoking M.M. Me and my wife were not trying to have kids right now but we do want another one. If I keep smoking an I more likely to have a girl?
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    I had 2 boys......

    And the hubby toked along with me. (We both smoke medically, so it's not "a joint on the weekends" type situation for us!) Also, toking does not affect the sex hormones-

    Effects of chronic marijuana use on testosterone, luteinizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone, prolactin and cortisol in men and women.
    Effects of chronic marijuana use on testosterone, ...[Drug Alcohol Depend. 1991] - PubMed Result

    It would stand to reason that to affect the sex of offspring, the sex hormones would likely be involved in some fashion.

    Granny :hippy:
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    I agree with you..The sex hormones would be involved in some fashion.
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    yes, it does. my father was a nice pothead, and i'm a girl. but thats not my only reason. my parents had to go through genetic testing because my dad was a full italian, and my mom wasn't a pure nationality (blah, blah, blah, "mixed nationalities" are better than "purebreds" ex. italian vs sweedish/polish/english etc). whilst doing so they found out that yes, smoking pot decreases your chances of having a boy
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    Who are you Fernando, and why do you throw the occasional non-sequitur into discussion? This topic has nothing to do with the Australian trucker sex trade and child prostitution.. :wtf:
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    LOL. That's the most random thing I've heard all day. Thank You.
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    'Fernando' is spam... link is in sig. Seen a few of this type lately, but this is about the best... at least half the posts match the topics.

    If it's fully automated, I take my hat off to the coder. :thumbsup:

    On the topic of gender, out of 4 pregnancies... 3 boys and one girl... father smoked daily.
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