Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Oregon

Discussion in 'Oregon (OR)' started by Dynomite, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. Dynomite

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    anyone know what the hitch is ?

    Why cali and CO have dispensaries / compassion clubs ,but we don't ?

    I am seriously thinking of opening one..

    but really wondering what the major hold up is ?

    I have been a legal caregiver in the 503 area for over 4yrs..

    Been thinking alot about this lately and hoping someone may have some advice

  2. Lastingart

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    NO Dispensaries in Oregon

    I'm personally against dispensaries in Oregon.
    Look at all the problems stemming from dispensaries in the states that do have them,constant raids,
    inflated prices,and how can you be sure of the way it was grown and what pesticides of any were used and when.

    I for one care what goes into my body and take no chances on what I ingest.

    And how can it benifet the patients if the Despensaries are charging Black market prices.
    The Medical Marijuana Program is designed with patients in mind not for Growers out to make money off the patients! Most patients are low income and couldn't afford the outragous prices.

    The Bad out weighs the Good!!!!
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  3. buddytd

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    Dispensaries Needed

    I think dispensaries are a good thing, depending of course on who is running the store and their ethics.

    We are definitely going to open at least one, once it is approved to do so.

    First of all, I think such dispensaries should be organized as non-profit corporations. Second, I personally see no reason to charge above the street price. In Oregon, you need a valid reason to get your card.

    For example, I have lower back disk problems and taking narcotics to me is no answer to the pain.

    Our dispensaries will offer high quality product at a low price. I hate people who take advantage of others just because they can.

    Not everyone wants to go through the hassle of growing their own plants. It takes room, time, and knowledge. Plus, if someone is sick, maybe they just don't have what it takes to grow. For these people, the dispensaries perform a real service.

    The reason some dispensaries get raided is due to either shady business practice or attempting to circumvent the law and sell illegally to those who do not have cards. We have run small businesses all our adult lives and have no desire to sell illegally. I doubt we will run afoul of the law, especially in light of Obama's recent proclamation. We're just waiting for Oregon to legalize dispensaries, and we'll be ready to go.

    Turner Oregon
  4. trltrl

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    Besides your opinions... Anyone know what the hitch is?
  5. killerweed420

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    I imagine there are probably already dispensaries in Oregon as there are all ready quite a few in Washington. But in any of the states it can be risky business becausae they are operating in the gray area.
  6. 420EF9

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    Im a patient in washington, ive heard of dispensaries but was never sure about if it was true or not. Do you know where they are located?
  7. omakeekee

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    It's true. Firstly, look at the economics. I am a cardholder in Oregon. I pay $200 once a year for my physician visit, and then $100 a year to the state. That's $300 a year for all the medicine I will need! Now, if I went to a dispensary, I'd spend around $1000 a year for my med. Hands down, the status quo is better for the pocket books of patients!

    Secondly...the quality of the med. I can interview my prospective grower to make sure he'll not use chemicals on the plants.

    Thirdly, dispensaries in California have not charged fees that are lower than black market. Why not? :) Greed.

    Who wants dispensaries here? Not me!
  8. odonamon

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  9. OregonOrganix

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    Having dispensaries doesnt prohibit growing your own, it just makes it openly available to the public who dont have access.

    And there are none of these in Oregon because its illegal to accept cash money in any way for cannabis legal cardholder or not.

    I have heard rumors of 2010 ballat having a Marijuana tax act that basically will start the "OLCC" of cannabis, with a tax on all profits going directly into a fund for the state. All persons over the age of 21 can legally use marijuana. It cannot be sold anywhere hard liquor is sold. Distribution to a minor is a Class B felony. This would also enable Oregon to be the only state to produce hemp. Oregon is already the agriculture capital of the states so this makes nothing but sense for Oregonians.


    -Strictly Organic
  10. MrOregonic

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    So, if the voters approved an act that states that we accept marijuana as medicine, HOW CAN YOU TAX IT?

    Americans DO NOT, HAVE NOT and WILL NOT pay taxes on medicine. It's the law. Sorry, but bribing the people does not work. You'll see!
  11. SugarBudd

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    There is a dispensary in Portland and it has been up and running for at least a year.
  12. JeremiahDu

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    I just moved here about 6 months ago YEA YEA HEMP stock. but anyways i'm part of a dispensary in Montana thats going strong for 3 years now. hopefully here this Nov OR will vote for Dispensaries so i can open one. Right now yes its still fed illegal and the state aint making shit thats why people or getting raided and everything is still high MT we charge $200 a OZ and provide butter, hash and tankter. we also provide a little over 30 strains which gives people a choice on there meds. some people like stronger some people like more active high ect. Most people i know that have cards are low income and cant afford to even grow so we will provide OZ to them on a sliding scale based off there income. Dispensarys can be good or bad deppending on who is behind it! i believe in them i think everyone should have access to cheap meds thats better for you then most drugs. also In MT there is 23% tax on every OZ that is sold out of are building so the state has alot todo with the price OZ are going to be.
  13. acezenn

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    I firmly believe that Dispensaries will open the doors for legalization of Marijuana and when these states see the money flow in they too will push to legalize...
  14. jackmmjpot

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    Definately part of the equation.

    Many states are broke and need the additional revenue. Probably, the medical marijuana movement would have never proliferated like it has if our country wasn't in such dire straits.
  15. medartb

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    Oregon will be voting on medical marijuana dispensaries on the November ballot. Be sure to vote yes!
  16. Bud30002002

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    Coos Bay OR, Port Orford OR, Gold Beach OR and Grants Pass OR all have dispensaries you just need to know people.
  17. SuperSkunker

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    Dont forget about us in Ashland Green Leaf Pharmacy!!!
  18. weedbuhda

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    anybody know if theres a dispensary in medford?
  19. SuperSkunker

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    Come check us out in ashland right off the 5 fwy on 722 Jefferson av Ashland OR 97520..

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