Medical Marijuana is a Joke!

Discussion in 'Colorado (CO)' started by neversummer, Jan 27, 2010.

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  1. neversummer

    neversummer Registered+

    Just legalize it already. 99% of these dispensaries are just out to make profit, and have little knowledge of marijuana. Why should it cost $200, just for a license? Sick people should be able to get medicine without paying an arm and a leg. $50 and eighth is unaffordable, and a flat ripoff. Never have i once gone to a dispensary and had them ask me what my medical condition for my card is. Normally i am treated like someone who just started smoking weed yesterday. Most of the "medicine" i have seen is below average, and overpriced. The people who work at these places usually know very little about "medical grade" marijuana. If you are calling something medical, it should be top quality, no exceptions. How is it medical if you let 50 people a day molest your medicine. How is selling expired edibles with dog hair in them medical? Whats up with all this fake ass paperwork.

    If someone claims to run a "medical" establishment, they should act like it. Provide high quality medicine at the cheapest prices. Show concern over your patients well being.

    Most people that have medical cards, just want to smoke weed. Im not your patient, and i dont give a shit if its Sativa or Indica. Just give me some stinky smelling organic buds for $25 an eighth. I want to be able to smoke in public , or at least in a private business. Get rid of all the bullshit outdoor, hydro, and keifed buds.

    Marijuana has lots of medicinal properties. Most of these dispensaries are an insult to the term "medical." A lot of these places are glorified headshops run by shady, carpetbaggers, with little knowledge about marijuana, and treat their customers like ignorant children. I cant wait for half of these shitholes to close, and the rest will have to step in line, or suffer the same fate.
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  2. cornbread

    cornbread Registered+

    It sounds like you've as much luck as me finding reputable setups. Why don't you retain your caregiver rights and legally grow your own ounces for a whopping $15 each? It's a hell-of-a-lot better than messing with all those goofs. Just buy enough weed to get you thru until harvest. You'll never look back.
  3. WashougalWonder

    WashougalWonder Registered+

    I so agree
  4. cronicmonster

    cronicmonster Registered+

    So ya don't like hydro,or outside buds........What kind do you prefer????I see you like "organic".....I prefer "organic outdoor buds"....Grown under the blue Colorado skies,Takin in that cool, fresh ,mountian air!!
    I agree most disp. weed is crap..... They have no idea what "TOP SHELF" is.... I also have to agree w/ cornbread.....GROW your own or DONT complain about it!!!!Most consumers have NO IDEA what it takes to proudce the "DANKY DANK".....seems easy enough.Most find out differently after they try for themselves!
    As for the price you would like to pay??/ I sugest you hook up w/ a grower/caregiver. that price is about what most would charge.
    I believe that some shops do have exelent meds.... We do not have a shop in DURANGO that does.They have large overheads so the Meds will cost a little more...
  5. ColoradoCareMMJ

    ColoradoCareMMJ Registered+

    I have to be honest that im a little disturbed by your comment. I have put everything into this shop, I work 12-14 hour days, and im just barely covering my bills. Me and my team work extremely hard to bring quality affordable medicine to paitents and we have 8ths as low as 38 dollars WITH TAX. Everyone loves to villify the dispensary owner like were all making millions of dollars....but hell, 99% of my patients drive a nicer car then me....

    The reason you may be treated the way you do, is because the majority of patients out here are very new to strain names and indica/sativa dominant hybrids and sometimes need a little extra help finding what suits them best. Ive lost three friends to this fight and they are my driving force to ensure that people like themselfs need not suffer when access is so readily available. Im not a doctor or a scientist, im a cannabis cultivator who comes from a place of caring.

    Have a great wednesday fellas, life is meant to be enjoyed!!!

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  6. Kartel

    Kartel Registered+

    Ever been to a walgreens or a "medical" doctor without insurance?

    I don't think anyone in the "medical" establishment in America is out to "provide high quality medicine at the cheapest prices."

    Is that some kind of satirical statement? Doesn't make any sense otherwise.
  7. Faddenator

    Faddenator Registered+

    True, pharmaceutical companies are run by some of the shittiest people on the planet. I also completely agree that a lot of dispensaries out there should NOT be in business. Handling pills is a little different then handling a dried plant.

    Having 50+ people come in and touch something you are about to put in your lungs is STUPID. I think it should work much like a pharmacy, where you are written a perscription for Indica/sativa dom. or even for a particular set of strains. The pharmacist could then pick a strain from that set and sell that. if the patient doesn't like it, they try a new one. Essentially it would work exactly how a pharmacy works. I think this could help weed out some of the sketchy bastards.

    I'm not bashing everyone, I'm sure a lot of dispensaries care more about the providing medicine aspect, and not the being cool cause you sell weed aspect. Thats awesome, because until there is a certain level of maturity behind medical marijuana- on both the patients and the dispensaries part- Lawmakers will be VERY reluctant to improve the MMJ system.

    I just woke up so that might be a little confusing. sorry. :jointsmile:
  8. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    oh, aren't YOU the generous one :wtf: ... my friends and I GIVE it away, you might try that, next time you feel like being so fucking 'affordable' ... you're a disgrace, posing as a humanitarian ... GET A FUCKING REAL JOB, and give away your pot, to 'the sick and suffering' ... the original poster of this thread has it right :smokin:
  9. COzigzag

    COzigzag Registered+


    I have issues with this too.

    Where have their fingers been? Seriously, using the bathroom, picking their ears and noses, licking their fingers, etc.

    It creeps me out!
  10. neversummer

    neversummer Registered+

    In case you didnt realize, healthcare is a hot topic right now. Lots of people are trying to get high quality healthcare at affordable prices. Just because walgreens, pharmaceutical companies, and some doctors have it wrong, doesnt mean that it has to be that way.

    If it doesnt make since to you, you are an idiot. Lower the prices, and treat patients like patients.
  11. Tharagor

    Tharagor Registered+


    Ok "high and mighty" settle down there, unless you have a trust fund floating yer boat it still costs to grow, so just sit back and smoke one of these :jointsmile:, Bryan is good people
  12. neversummer

    neversummer Registered+

    My main point of this rant was just legalize it so we dont have to pretend like everything is so medical. Its just a big joke. Legalize it already.
  13. senorx12562

    senorx12562 Registered+

    This whole thread is absolutely hilarious. "I want it yesterday, and below cost." Wah, Wah, Wah. Grow up and move into the real world people. Don't you see the contradiction in saying you want better quality, but you want to pay less? Just because it's cannabis you think it is somehow not subject to the same market forces as any other commodity? Jesus Christ, I'm glad none of you are my patients. You are right about one thing though, "Medical" Marijuana is a joke.
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  14. cronicmonster

    cronicmonster Registered+

    Come on....Do you really believe that if it was legalalized it would be cheaper and better?????? And Neversummer growers would "line-up" to "GIVE" you the meds that "you" deserve????

    Hey Reaper.....I have a card and I was wonderin If I drive to Cali,will you give me my meds????? Since I am so sick I could probably only make the drive once a year so.....I would probably need a pound or so.......When can I come get my "FREE" meds that you just give away to all the sick people in California......Sure you do!!!!
    Not an attack but tryin to figure out where you draw the line????I CANT produce meds for free and I doubt "you and your friends" can either..... so about those "free" meds???????
  15. ColoradoCareMMJ

    ColoradoCareMMJ Registered+

    I agree with neversummer. Please legalize it. No one deserves to be in jail for such a harmless plant.

    The new slogan should be:


    If the goverment is truly vexed about our personal health, which they have proven numerous times it is not their priority, then they need to criminalize alcohol and tobacco, the two most dangerous drugs available today.:D
  16. ForgetClassC

    ForgetClassC Registered+

    Honestly, yes it is, its just another ploy the government sent out to make a buck or two. Honestly, what was their reason for not legalizing it earlier? Oh, cuz the private prisons paid the officials so that they keep getting prisoners. Now, well the government has to make that money someway or another. Why should legal pot cost the same as illegal pot, its expensive because what had to happen to get it there, meaning the risk. With legal pot, why should there be an upcharge. This shit should be going for middies prices and better get you high as fuck. I know if I went into a dispensary and I was displeased the house of reps would hear about it because they(not specifically the HoR but the gov't) are the ones saying that marijuana users were/are the ones that can't do anything right cuz we are always stoned, so WTF is their excuse.

  17. justinsane33

    justinsane33 Registered+

    did somebody say free weed?

    you just give it away? wow. i don't have cancer but if i don't smoke i throwup all day until it turns into dry heaving and then i just curl up into a ball and hope to die. i think i qualify. i mean you're SO giving you surely wouldn't turn me away right? i might be able to get out there more than once a year but i'm probably gonna need a pound each time. thanks a ton.
  18. neversummer

    neversummer Registered+

    I live in the real world. I sell pizzas for $5, and i have lots of competition. I never said below cost. The people i sell pizzas to are not my patients. $50 an eighth is more than gold, that price was that high when it was ILLEGAL. There is no reason that weed should cost that much when its LEGAL. And i know I am right, "medical" is a joke. If it was "medical" it wouldnt cost an arm and a leg. No one gives a shit about my health. Im glad im not your patient either, cuz obviously your weed sucks. Also , just because you grow weed, you are not a doctor. You do not have patients. You grow weed, you have customers. Im glad im not your CUSTOMER.

    Cannabis is subject to the same market forces as any other commodity , and thats why the price WILL DROP, not that its becoming legal across the country. These are the last days of selling that shit like its gold. Its just a weed that grows wild. Ive always dreamed of the day when marijuana would be legal, and affordable. I could probably get crack or heroin cheaper than this so called medical bullshit.
  19. palerider7777

    palerider7777 Banned

    i say this to peeps all the time and still no free meds? infact im waiting on never to step up and lead the way.hey never when you gunna open that shop up? were all waiting on the free top shelf.did'nt you say you will have so much stock that we all can come in and grab as much as we can fit in our rides?

    you know for the compassion and all? let me know when ya open i'll be by twice a week.since i only eat with it i need alot sure you will come through with those great growing skills you have?did'nt you say you pull 10lbs per plant with only a week veg from seed?
  20. neversummer

    neversummer Registered+

    I know it would be better and cheaper. Have you ever been to Amsterdam?

    I learned this 10 years ago.
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