Medical Marijuana Rules in California

Discussion in 'Northern California' started by WesMan6868, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. WesMan6868

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    I recently got a medical marijuana card in california and i was wondering if any one could inform me on all the rules that come with the card such as,

    where can i smoke my medicine? how much can i carry around? if i grow, how many plants can i have?

    can i smoke in my car? is my car my property? can i smoke on a residential rode away from houses if im parked in my car with the windows up? can i smoke in a parking structure with the windows up? can i smoke anywhere in my car with the windows up or down? in a ditch on the side of the road where there are no houses?

    Thanks for the help

    FUNKNUGGET Registered+

    hey wesman, i got my card about 6 months ago and i know most of the rules well but not all... I know that you can't smoke in a running car and if they can somehow prove you're driving high then it's still a DUI even if you're medical... my doctor told me besides the car you can pretty much smoke anywhere outside that allows cigarette smoke but you will attract unwanted attention a lot of the time unless you choose your spots right...
  3. WesMan6868

    WesMan6868 Registered+

    ok thanks, i heard about that dui thing which isnt cool but whatevr

    thanks for the help
  4. Storm Crow

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    About growing....

    The law says you can have 12 immature plants OR 6 mature plants. I always stop at 6 plants- seedling or one day from harvest- never more than 6! Do you trust a cop to know the difference between "mature" and "immature"? I sure don't! If you have just 6, there is absolutely NO question! - Granny:hippy:
  5. 98transam

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    i just got the card to an wanted to know some of the rules to. how much can you carry around? can you smoke around a school? what do cops say when you smoke an they see you? im new to this so dont know much about the rules
  6. veggii

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    no! you can't even drive while under the influence of mmj.. srry
    use a little common sense plz :thumbsup:
    check the website below and read prop215 and sb420
    California NORML
    cal law states 8 ounzes/12immature/6mature
    plz ppl your going to get yourself arrested
    smoke at a school ??!! you are'nt serious??
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  7. DrGreen

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    In Public

    Can you drink alcohol in public? Same with Pot....Make an ass out of yourself and they can pull your card and then you get to get a new one..exam costs what $200? OCBC card is $ your time...
    Its a controlled substance, treat it as such and not your license to show off...
  8. TylerDurdenBob

    TylerDurdenBob Registered

    Does anyone know the rules for airline travel? If you're flying to and from different places in California can you carry your medicine with you? More specifically can someone fly from San Francisco straight to San Diego and legally carry about 1/8 of medicine on them?

    I've been trying to find this answer on my own but haven't had any luck.

  9. JimmyG49

    JimmyG49 Registered

    I like Dr Green's theory. Be smart.

    And why the F do people ask if we can (legally) smoke and drive?
    of course not.

    Yes you can fly w/it (inter state).
    I had my card, but no weed, and they cheked my bag for something else, and I asked her, and she said they would check and make sure you were legal, but you would walk away w/your weed.
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  10. riotgirl626

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    Are people not being advised the current laws when they receive a card?
    I seriously hope you were informed.
    I've had my card for 1 year and from what I've personally seen, it is the cops discretion what he wants to do. Smoking in public will obviously generate attention. Not any good will come of it. Don't get caught...period! The laws are *iffy* right now in CA. We know its harmless and helps people. The non-tokers think different.
    Read up on your rights. Being well informed is way better than being uninformed and having your rights taken away from you.
  11. scotisativa90

    scotisativa90 Registered+

    To answer your questions wesman6868,

    you can smoke wherever its legal to smoke tobacco with a few exceptions. (I.E. within 500 ft of a school or other childcare facility, while inside a running vehicle, while at work (without your boss's personally written permission and even then its really iffy), within 30 yards of a dispensary (crazy huh?), or anywhere majorly exposed to minors such as a mall or shopping center. These are the state mandated laws that they will get assholish about enforcing.)

    you can carry an oz or less unhindered. keep it all in one container tho. try to avoid looking like you're selling. big trouble there. also, try not to have excessive paraphernalia on your person when outside the home. any more than two pieces and they can cite you for illegal paraphernalia possession quick. personal experience.

    as far as growing, you can have up to 12 immature OR (i emphasis "OR" here. you choose. one or the other. NOT BOTH.) 6 mature plants under your care at once. personally, i suggest 6 total period. cops are smart, but pigs are stupid and CA has a bad habit of employing pigs to do a cops job if ya catch what i'm saying. (there IS a difference between a decent uniformed officer and a fucking pig. this needs to be put out there more because i've had a few good cops save my ass from pigs a few times!!) and you can keep up to 8 oz of DRIED READY TO SMOKE medicine. uncured weight does not count. set your scale to "dwt" if you've just picked it and you'll see what you SHOULD have once its dry. this is not guaranteed, but thats what the "dwt" setting on your scale is for. dry weight.... dwt.... hmmm.... very similar...

    so in a nut shell,6 plants growing, 8 oz of dried ready to smoke at any given time in the home, 1 oz or less and 2 or fewer pieces of paraphernalia on your person outside of the home, no smoking near kids, malls, shopping centers, day cares (adult or child) , or in a running vehicle.

    and my personal advice, try to find some cops in your town that are cannabis friendly so they can keep you updated on any changes or anything like that. good informants are hard to come by...

    now for 98transam... how old are you?? nvm, i don't wanna know. i know you're at least 18 or you wouldn't have your prop 215 card. COMMON SENSE people... I'm really not trying to be an ass dude, i swear I'm not, but damn... even my 10 yr old brother knows that just because we all have our license to smoke, our family can't roll up hotboxing the van... try to learn all you can from what you read here. this is by far the most legit and CORRECTLY informative site i've found on cannabis. get high, and spend a few hours reading threads man. just learn. that's what i do. that's how i learned all that i know. find it from one source, then confirm it with all i can find. if it still sounds like bs, don't buy it. but try to learn all you can from sites like this.

    and last but not least, TOKE UP!! there are how many time zones on Earth?? its 4:20 somewhere!!
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  12. EciRonTog

    EciRonTog Registered+

    Do people really still freak out about pot these days? That has not been my experience.

    Flying from California to Washington state on several occasions. TSA searched my bag, found my marajuana. I showed him my card really quick but he was already in the process of closing my bag back up by the time I had got my card out. All he cared about was that it wasn't a bomb.

    I was "detained" (not arrested) by the cops not too long ago and they found the 8th I had on me. Afterward they just handed it back to me along with my jacket, never even asked to see my card, and let me go.

    Did you notice how many people were smoking weed openly in SF during the world series? One of the players from the other team actually complained about the huge clouds of cannabis smoke that were drifting onto the field that he could clearly smell - but no one cared. Before and after the game there were so many people smoking outside the stadium it looked almost like a foggy day. Again, no one cared.
  13. scotisativa90

    scotisativa90 Registered+

    Props to that guy. I agree. Who cares? Just let us smoke and be happy. We aren't hurting anyone.
  14. infect3d

    infect3d Registered

    you forgot to mention to keep a photo copied of your recommendation with you at all times. make lots of copies :Rasta: :thumbsup:
  15. scotisativa90

    scotisativa90 Registered+

    ya that too. make like 4 copies. i keep one @ home, 1 n my grow room, 1 n my glove box and one in my wallet just in case. lmao and make sure that the info is READABLE. put ur shit in a collector's card case from an old baseball card so ur wallet dont destroy ur card.
  16. 92five

    92five Registered

    i'm from belgium (very close to amsterdam ;))

    sorry to hijack your post
    i arrived last saturday in sunnyvale,CA
    i like to smoke my daily joint at home in belgium (amsterdam quality)
    i'm here in california for 4 more weeks and really would like to find a good smoke, i heard there's a lot, but untill now i didn't find anything.
    i dont know where to start looking actually. can you guys give me a tip?
    i want to enjoy you guys country in a way i'm used to :)
    thanks a lot,
  17. Max Blast

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    JimmyG, the proper word is "intrastate" not "interstate".

    Intrastate means within the state (as in within California)

    Interstate means from one state to another (California to New York for example)

    Max Blast
  18. stuweed224

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    I realize I'm a bit late.
    Are you serious, the TSA lets patients go no problem?
    Registered airplanes are Federal.
    This is very interesting indeed.
  19. EciRonTog

    EciRonTog Registered+

    Well I was flying out of Oakland, if they made a big deal about every bit of cannabis they found the entire airport would come grinding to a halt.
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  20. rudy2010

    rudy2010 Banned

    The application of the rules definitely vary from county to county and city to city. The unwritten rule is 6 plants per license. Scoti wrote the specific details in his earlier post. However you can get a license in NorCal that says the user can grow up to 99 plants and posess up to 19 lbs for personal use. Your license is not recognized by the federal government and any federal officer can bust you anywhere in the state at any time. I don't consider my license a legal document. It is just an argument for my lawyer if I have to go to court or get caught with weed. A lot of folks I know get several licenses and grow 6 plants for each license as a compasionate provider. I also have heard of a growers license for commercial growers but that is very expensive and is just more paper as well.

    The best policy is keep it to yourself and don't blow it in peoples faces just because you have a license.

    92five the official policy at San Jose airport and Oakland airport is that you can fly with 1 oz no hassles. If you are flying from a location in the US to another location in the US there is no form of inspection when you depart the plane. So if you board legally and don't blow it in peoples faces you should be able to depart without any trouble. I brought just under an ounce to Alaska two years in a row even before that policy but I hid it in my underwear.

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