medical marijuana soda?

Discussion in 'Edibles' started by userofclock, Apr 6, 2009.

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    Dang,I wish I had one,let us know how it tastes and works out for you.
  3. SoCal420

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    I tried a cannabis coke from the 2am pharmacy. The marijuana taste is very evident but it tastes good. burps were enjoyable too
  4. userofclock

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    ok so it tastes like an orange tootsy pop, kinda chocolaty lol but im guessing thats just the dank in it :D . does anyone know what the 2640mg means? does that mean theres 2.6 grams of marijuana in there or 2.6grams of hash oil or what?! lol im confused
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    I think so...The selling was not limited to the area but the candies and sodas were also found in other dispensaries throughout the state.
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    so did you get high from it? let me know. I would love to try. I've had cannibis jolly ranchers just recently from California Patients Association in Santa Ana. is the bomb!$6 a candy.
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    I'll take a six-pack. :D
  9. canaguy27

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    we have that crap here in colorado. it is weak
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    thanks dude, I was hoping for some eyewitness accounts. :jointsmile: they said this stuff has about 1/3 of the herb as the earlier versions that sold in Cali, but it doesn't taste like weed like those did. personally, I say make it stronger who cares what it tastes like. my personal preference would be more of a canna juice instead of soda pot :D ... or maybe a tea. :detective1:

    interesting idea, I don't know if I would really ever buy anything like that even if I did live in a free state. maybe once or twice just to try it but I would likely opt for the old fashion way ... fresh bud out of a jar and into my vap ... :Rasta:

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