Medicinal Cannabis the MOST effect treatment?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by MotleyCrueBoy24, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. MotleyCrueBoy24

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    Is it the most effective or atleast right up there as one of the most effective for medicinal purposes. In other it really VALUABLE to use solely marijuana....

    Or are there other treatments that are more effective?
  2. MotleyCrueBoy24

    MotleyCrueBoy24 Registered+

    You have to forgive my spelling and grammar issues...I have to take a heavy depressant for my sleep issues.
  3. birdgirl73

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    Depends on what the medicinal purposes-medical ailments are, if you ask me. When my sister was enduring chemotherapy and had nausea/lack of appetite and also depression, it was indeed the most effective treatment. It was harder to obtain, of course, and more expensive than prescribed meds. But it worked better.

    For her pain, prescription analgesics worked better than cannabis. But it's entirely likely that that was because she didn't have the right strain for pain treatment. If it were legal for medical use in Texas, we would have had a better ability to find a strain that worked for that. It's a crying shame that that's not a viable option in every state in our nation and country in the world.
  4. Matt the Funk

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    For me, I think it is the best with the fewest side-effects. It's in the top 3 though. It helps with all my problems big and small, with virtually no side-effects.
  5. twist n shout

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    Personally,mmj is the most effective treatment for me for my arthritis. Iv'e tried all different combos of pain pills & muscle relaxers, with no relief. For me, It's a Godsend. Nothin better.:Rasta: :jointsmile: :stoned: :Rasta: :smokin: :bong: :joint1: :S5: :bonghit:
  6. Markass

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    Works effective for pain I can definately tell you..doesn't eliminate my appetite, I'm not addicted to it, it isn't causing damage to my body comparable to that of opiates, I can function while high at work and school whereas with painkillers I cannot, I also don't have insurance so growing my own plants is cheaper than paying $100's of dollars for meds that aren't even as effective and have unpleasant things about them..
  7. Nailhead

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    I'm sure it depends on not just the condition, but the person too. People react differently to different types of medication, but I do think because of the low side effects weed has compared to most other prescribed drugs that it is certainly worth using if it might help whatever condition you have. Hell, even if you are healthy I think people should toke once in a while if at the very least so they aren't such a wound up a-hole.

    I've been smoking for about 2 weeks to see how it helps with my Crohn's disease, and to be honest so far it doesn't seem to be helping all that much, but I think that is mostly because of the strain I'm smoking. This weed doesn't give me the munchies nearly as much as I usually get, but hopefully I'll be a legal recipient of medical marijuana soon so I can actually pick the type I want, rather than just get whatever my dealer has.

    However, I have noticed I've been much more calm and relaxed, especially on the road which is good because I get road rage really bad....I'm surprised I haven't been shot at or chased down for some of the sh*t I've done while driving lol
  8. medicine manshop

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    Ofcourse, there are other treatments, but this is the safest treatment. And it also depends on medical condition.

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