MedTox Random taken 10 panel When will we get results?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Bree1978, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. Bree1978

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    My husband took a random on Wednsday. It was overnighted to the MN Medtox lab. He immediately came home and took a home test. It was negative, albeit with a light line. BUT a line
    He had smoked two days before, and he told me his pee for the home test was a bit lighter than what sample he gave. He doesn't smoke all the time, just occasionally.

    Will the lab call if positive? When should we hear something? The lab does do testing everyday according to their website, and there is an option for Saturdays.

    Worried! Do you think he has any chance in hell? I can't believe he smoked that day....and to top it all off the random came up on his birthday!!!!!!!!!

  2. killerweed420

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    If he passed the home test he has a good chance. Did he follow the dillution sticky? Next time check up on subbing with synthetic urine.
  3. Bree1978

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    No, he had no time to. They give you five minutes until you have to piss in the cup. He slammed some water after getting the call, but that didn't help I wouldn't imagine. He generally drinks about a pot of coffee and then some water in the morning. The test was around 10am. He came home at 11:00 and took the home test. And the line was pink, just faint.

    Here is from Medtox lab site, does this mean the turn around time includes weekends?

    MEDTOX Laboratories, located in St. Paul, Minnesota, includes our SAMHSA-certified drug testing laboratory, esoteric clinical laboratory, Clinical Trials Services division and Consolidated Medical Services group.

    MEDTOX Laboratories was one of the first 10 commercial laboratories certified by N.I.D.A. (now SAMHSA) in 1988.

    MEDTOX performs thousands of federally-mandated drug tests daily in our St Paul, MN-based laboratory.

    MEDTOX can offer your company the industry's fastest laboratory turnaround time for both negative and positive samples.

    The average turnaround time for a sample that screens negative is approximately 4 - 8 hours from the time the sample is received at the laboratory. Positives are normally available within 36 - 72 hours from the time the sample is received at the laboratory.

    I'm assuming they got his sample on Thursday..... And I think that I would rather NEVER smoke again than to go through this again.
  4. Bree1978

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    He tested positive, now just waiting for HR to come fire him.
  5. jeffman

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    Very sorry to hear that. Maybe the company offers some kind of drug counseling if he's lucky. Good luck to both of you
  6. Burnt Toast

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    Check your state regs.
    Many states forbid employers from discharging existing employees on a first-time U/A positive without offering some sort of EAP (Employee Assistance Program) first.

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