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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by cieply420, Dec 15, 2010.

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    So I went 72 hours without smoking and had 2 bowls last night because my drug test was delayed. I will be using my precleansing today to hopefully flush the bit I put in my system last night. Im not sure of the exact day of my test however, it could be surprise tomorrow because im filling out my background check today. My boss (future boss hopefully!) left for vacation so its either tomorrow and possibly screwed or it wont be until Wednesday or later. Its pre-employment test. Has anybody used mega clean, or any other from the detoxify brand? (xxtra clean, ready clean) What did you do to prepare, did you follow instructions, and what were the results?? I know theres lots of questions there. Im testing myself at home before I go and I have a clean friend willing to pee for me if I get a surprise test and fail at home. Thank you in advance :):jointsmile::hippy:

    Oh PS, Im medical with 1-2 grams daily exposure.
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    ALL detox products are nothing but a big scam to capitalize on the so-called "war on drugs". When they work at all, they "work" because of dilution. That means they work because of the water that youre required by the instructions to drink with them. You can spend up to $200 on a magic elixir and accomplish nothing different than what can be accomplished using just water and vitamin B2.
    Claims such as "7-day cleanser", "permanent detox", etc. are all sales pitches designed to prey upon the uninformed and credulous and taking their cash.
    There is no product, nothing that can permanently rid the body of THC except for time and fat-burning exercise.
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    Thank you for your input! I know that they dont rid your body of THC. I just need my urine to not show any of it for a short period, which is all these drinks and deaigned for without the urine being too diluted.

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    This will NOT work. Detox drinks/powders/pills are scams. Read one thread here and you will know that. Your options are to follow the dilution sticky or to substitute if you want to pass. This product will NOT protect you if they check your creatinine levels to see if you are diluting which is almost a given these days. All this product or any product will rely on is heavy water consumption AFTER you take their products. Skip their product and just focusing on the part that actually helps which is the water/creatine loading.

    These drinks don't do a thing to help you with the not too diluted part. That's the problem and if you know these drinks don't actually rid your body of any THC then why use one? All it is, is expensive colored water that you could get for free at home.
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    Why keep the scam artists in business?

    Really? That wasnt the tune you were singing when you made this in your OP:

    The same thing can be accomplished for $$$ less by following the steps outlined in this thread:
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