melatonin and cannabis

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by MrNiceGuy420, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. MrNiceGuy420

    MrNiceGuy420 Registered+

    last night i smoked a bowl and then took 1mg of melatonin, 20 min. later i smoked a couple more bowls. i experienced euphoria (i could tell it was more than just the weed) and my head felt very heavy and my vison was going out of focus, my perception was mildly distorted, and i has one auiditoru hallucination that i know of. i dont remember any dreams which was disapointing because i heard you get lucid dreams and that sounds cool. ive read a few places online you shouldnt take it if your under 20 and somewhere else it said 18 but it doesnt say why and alot of the places ive looked it up online dont say anything about taking it if your under 18 or 20. has anyone else tryed taking melatonin with cannabis and has anyone under 18 used melatonin long term with any effects?
  2. rainbows.rsexy

    rainbows.rsexy Registered

    nope, but could be dangerous!
  3. JeKo

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    i'm under 18 and i've used melatonin a handful of times to fall asleep or just to relax, no side effects that i can remember so i guess nothing bad

    anyways ill have to try this
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  4. beachguy in thongs

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    Take Benyllphlaphin Gold.

    I think they're still trying to find out if overdosing on Melatonin is harmful.
  5. AlwaysBlazed

    AlwaysBlazed Guest

    I take 3mg of melatonin every night, im going to try cutting the pill in half soon and see if it works different at all. I always go to sleep stoned so i never remember my dreams, the melatonin is starting to help i just started taking it... the one time i had a lucid dream was when i was dry and went to sleep completely sober
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  6. Matt the Funk

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    I'm under 18, melatonin gave me fucked up lucid dreams, but deff helped me sleep.
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  7. sttomassmoker

    sttomassmoker Registered+

    heh when i first started taking melatonin I would trip hard if i smoked weed 20minutes later. It is a tryptamine :)

    but it really works for sleeping. for me.
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  8. MrNiceGuy420

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    sttomassmoker, how much do you take to trip. i only took 1 mg and a couple bowls and i was very disorientated kinda like a low dxm dose....ive done 2 mg without weed, i might do 3mg with weed tonight and see how that goes
  9. sttomassmoker

    sttomassmoker Registered+

    now dont get me wrong, you are not going really trip, just get more baked than usual. And it is only going to be interesting this one time.

    2-3mg with pot 20 minutes later.
  10. AlwaysBlazed

    AlwaysBlazed Guest

    I do many drugs that make me sleepy so melatonin really doesn't make me feel any higher.

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