Mendocino’s Cannabis Designations Mission: Marketing and Branding Local Strains

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    Per the map of the Mendocino Appellations Project, ten proposed regional designations for cannabis cultivation within Mendocino County currently exist. Mendocino’s attempt at cannabis designations is requiring input from local cannabis cultivators in order to nail down the precincts of smaller regions within the Emerald triangle.

    According to the Ukiah Daily Journal, “The Mendocino Appellations Project is seeking to do the same for Mendocino’s cannabis growers. Under new state laws, only cannabis products grown in Mendocino can only be labeled with the county name, a regulation meant to protect the use of geographical names as brands for cannabis businesses. For local cannabis farmers, many of whom may want to use the name “Mendocino” in their product labels or strain names, these legal protections will prevent larger corporations, who may use cannabis from around the state, from employing the names of Emerald Triangle counties in their branding.”

    Learn more about Mendocino's Cannabis appellations project: branding local crops
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