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  1. dylan

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    Merry Christmas all you Tennesseeans!

    I hope you get what you want and have plenty to smoke!:jointsmile:
  2. Swan Town

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    Every day in every way this site is getting better and better. Repeat as necessary.
  3. Swan Town

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    It would be nice to have an idea who in fact is the owner and administrators of this site and why they would let a site with such a great amount of knowledge and documentation go to hell.

    Who and why?
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  4. Weezard

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    Corporate and corporate.

    Just look at the members list under staff.
    We have 1, (one), admin.
    She shows up occasionally and only follows two accounts Herbie's and Weedmaps.
    They seem to think they need no live wisdom online to attract users and the site will run it's self.
    This is obviously not the case.
    And The potential mentors are leaving.
  5. EvilCartman

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