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    My dad and alot of old time stoners i know always tell me stories about mescal. I know it grows on a certain plant and what it is and everything, but how come no one does it anymore? He said it was basically like shrooms.
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    haha bart n lisa are riding their bikes.
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    Mescaline is produced in several different types of cactus, and though I've never had it, my own ex-hippie dad tells me it's far more introspective, mellow, visual and all-around better than mushrooms. It's also much harder to get a hold of, which is why I haven't tried it yet.
  5. thcbongman

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    Shroom is a tryptamine, Mescaline is a phenethylamine.

    They're 2 polar opposites when it comes to tripping.
  6. thcbongman

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    San Pedro, Peruvian Torch, Calamus Root (which contains TMA-2 which is similar to mescaline)
  7. Dick Justice

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    Have you done it, thcbongman? If you did, how was it?
  8. Encatuse

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    Calamus Root? I've got like 2 ounces of that I bought from a new age store for 3 bucks... I've chewed it and even made tea out of it... All it does it settle my stomach when I'm doing other shit, and help me sleep.

    In fact.. not a single erowid trip report makes it sound even close to the awesomeness of mescaline. Most say it sucks.
  9. thcbongman

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    So you did the typical plant extraction and it sucks?

    I haven't tried Calamus Root, but I have done TMA-2. I ordered it though, because I'm only trying to trip from natural sources after doing so many chems.
  10. Encatuse

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    It's not that it sucks as much as it's just boring... You might feel like you're on a very slowly rocking boat if you close your eyes.. but that's barely worth the bitterness of calamus. But, yeah. I made tea out of it and was NOT impressed.
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    well I know someone who has done a mix like that also some time ago
    I don't know much about the trip..
    I know there were 5 kinds of shrooms and mescaline in the tea
    she took it at a party (which was not a good Idea)
    but anyways there she didn't feel very well and she went home and had a great trip there
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    Peyote is an endangered dark green or gray cactus that grows freely in northern Mexico and southern Texas. The cactus is used medicinally and spiritually by certain Native American tribes. The psychoactive ingredient in peyote is MESCALINE.
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    I've done it back around late 71/early 72 (first time), it really was not that good, but than again, I could have gotten ripped off. I think I did it again, a year or two later, can't really remember. Have done acid (frog, window pane, double barrel, probably some others, again back in the early 70s, some really good, and at least 2 bad trips. THC pills (double barrel...) would go really fast, reds, yellows, tuanelols, qualodes...lots of downers/barbs also went pretty fast.
  14. HipsterDoofus

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    In the late 70's the mescaline tested out to be lsd.
  15. Dancing_Bear

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    Mescaline is not LSD. LSD comes from ergot fungi. Mescaline comes from the peyote cactus. Here's a picture of mine:
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    That's a word I haven't heard in over 35 years. Does that bring back memories. Trails! The old timers know what I mean.
  17. Weezard

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    Amen! I get trails from really good bud too.
    I was the drug tester for a free clinic in '68.
    Tested ~ 50 Mescaline samples from street dealers with Marquise reagent..
    Not one of them was Mescaline. :(

    Real mescaline appears as white, needlepoint crystals.
    And it takes at least 1/4 gram, (250mg.) to be effective.
    That is a stuffed #1 capsule.

    Finally found a source in San Francisco.
    Pure Mescaline is not at all like 'shrooms. it's more like LSD.
    That said. There is a world of difference between the crystal form, and the whole Peyote ceremony.
    I prefer Peyote.
    Very hard to get here, but we do have choke 'shrooms growing in Mauka cow pastures.
    Like the man said, 'shrooms are tryptamine based.

    Indole ring organics are preferred over the amines.
    much of our brain chemistry is indole ring based.

    I'm not advocating anything, just offering information. :)

  18. Wayne Wilkin

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    You guys out in the west coast tick me off with the stuff you can get. LOL. I even state that with the medical community I go to the dispensary's and get ticked off cause I can't get what I need. Damn Massachusetts. Sroooooms could only dream. Been so long.

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