Metal Grinders=metal alloy in your lungs.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Kindbud, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. Kindbud

    Kindbud Registered+

    I just wanted to do a sort of follow up on that kief grinder thread. The common spacecase metal 3 chamber grinders create mass amounts of friction when used. For all who own one, unscrew the middle chamber,and run your index finger across the main threading of the grinder. When I owned one, and did this ,a massive amount off aluminum shrapnel came off the threading . Mine was a 130$ spacecase grinder, I've seen low end 50$ kief catchers ,and can only imagine.. Not only do smoke organic buds ,but this is why I try to keep all my smoking habits as 'organic' as possible ; wood>metal. Stay stoned everybody.


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  2. johnnyAKABob

    johnnyAKABob Registered+

    i have a £10 kif catcher and no metal flakes have ever come off it
  3. pixel

    pixel Registered+

    i use a plastic grinder so i don't have to worry about this luckily. i was definitely planning on buying a new steel grinder in the near future but i think i'll keep using my shitty but functional plastic one now.
  4. aznson01

    aznson01 Guest

    i dont no what ur talking about, u must have a shitty grinder or something, if that was the case it woulda been discovered a while ago... i htink u just got ripped off
  5. duckfool

    duckfool Registered+

    There's not a hint of metal anywhere on my grinder after much use. It must just be the one you own.

    Also chances are the wood used to make your wooden grinder has been chemically treated when the wood was being dried, and to make it last longer - wetting agent, dry-aid, varnish, formaldehyde, sodium benzoate, etc.

    Also, a lighter never gets hot enough to sublimate aluminum or steel. It's impossible to inhale any vapor from thier use.

    Look around your house. Your cookware, parts fo the element on your stove, the element in your kettle. They are all made from steel. There is a reason for this - it is inert and under operating temperatures do not get hot enough to sublimate gaseous metal - and thats based on real life scientific application, not stoner psuedo-knowledge.
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  6. everlyj23

    everlyj23 Registered

    very well put duckfool....and yea don't you think this news would have come out a long time ago if grinders were flaking all over the place?
  7. my grinder's made out of lucite, which is a very very hard plastic, so i don't have to worry about this either.
  8. ghettoBlunt

    ghettoBlunt Registered+

    i thought i saw some in mine when i was really baked, but upon further investigation it looked like some white kief off of this dank bud i had....and how much harm would such a small amount of metal do anyway, and it wouldnt matter if you smoked it through a bong--correct?
  9. smoke it

    smoke it Registered+

    ya, and Marlboro Reds=cancer in your lungs, but i still dont give a fuck
  10. Kindbud

    Kindbud Registered+

    You guys can choose to ignore it. I didn't get ripped off,spacecase make high end metal kief catcher/grinders. You can choose to ignore it , or simply run your index finger over the outer threading on the grinder, check it out. Later
  11. Kindbud

    Kindbud Registered+

    Wow, ok.. First off all HARDENED steel made for stovetops is a completely different material /SUBJECT ! I'm not trying to start an arguement here. Secondly I don't think nirvana seed company would use formaldehyde or dryaid in their wood ! Man are you just trying to argue? The friction caused by the grinding causes aluminum to flake... Run your finger on the outer side of any HIGH END quality kief collector/grinder,and notice the shiny glimmers of shrapnel. Who knows ,maybe it was just the one I bought ...:Rasta:
  12. khoa

    khoa Registered+

    what about metal pipes
  13. duckfool

    duckfool Registered+

    They aren't made from hardened steel, just your run of the mill untempered mild steel. But anyway, I'm not just trying to argue, I just think its something really silly to worry about.

    Nirvana seeds don't prepare the wood they use to make thier grinders. In fact, chances are they don't even make the grinders, but rather have them made by someone else and then branded with thier logo.

    Just did. Nothing!

    There should be enough clearance inbetween the parts that move past eachother for that not to happen. If your grinder is doing this, maybe you should xchange it, or try a different one.
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  14. S.P.Q.R.

    S.P.Q.R. Registered+

    What about them? He's not saying metal's particularly bad to smoke with.. he's just saying his grinder might be getting metal flakes into his bud.
  15. BobBong

    BobBong Registered+

    What about filters? screens? the pot itself? water in a bong?

    There's a lot of things that will stop these few "shavings" from getting into your mouth let alone , lungs.
  16. suhl

    suhl Registered+

    this sounds about right. i think if people were inhaling all those metal flakes then we would have weed related health problems which would be highly publicized. if the guy that made this thread wants to present some actual proof, as in cases of people using metal grinders, preferably more than one since thousands and thousands of people use them, having additional lung problems
  17. partcleguy

    partcleguy Registered+

    I've had the same problem. First time I saw it, I threw away my grinder (a cheap aluminum grinder). Having aluminum shavings in your lungs is no laughing matter. You can look up the material safety sheet, but it can lead to some bad problems over time. Its not worth debating if its for personal health. You gotta think long term here, people. We all know we're going to be smoking weed for years and years :Rasta:
  18. nikweiser

    nikweiser Registered+

    130$ for a grinder?
  19. LIP

    LIP Banned

    wooden ones rock the shit, or a plastic one. Simple is best, fuck it, a coffee grinder.... no efffort lol!
  20. khoa

    khoa Registered+

    i was trying to get at the point that aluminum would not be able to vaporize at such a low temperature. So it would stay solid, if it gets sucked through the bowl before you dump out the ash, it would probably get stuck in the resin before it entered your mouth. Even if it entered your lungs, these visible flakes are probably big enough that your cilia will eventually brush them out.
    that's my logic at least.

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