methadone clinics and med marijuana??

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    I am a recovering opioid addict and a currently enrolled in a methadone treatment plan. My use of illicit marijuana (for medical reasons) greatly restricts my freedoms within this program. My freedom is being restricted to the point that I am considering moving to a state with medical MJ. I have asked the staff at my clinic that i am currently attending in the southeast. These people (along with everyone else here) thinks that medical MJ is a total myth that only occurs in Amsterdam. All methadone clinics drug test their patients monthly, and after several successful tests, the patient is allowed to receive take-home doses as opposed to being tied down to the location of the clinic be attending every day for an observed dosing.
    MY QUESTON IS: do any/all methadone treatment programs in states such as California, Oregon etc. recognize medical MJ as legitimate and therefore exempt that from messing up my take-home privileges?? anyone who is enrolled or knows someone who is in pne of these sates please enquire! I can get no answers from the medical community here that refuses to even believe that medical MJ dispensaries are even a reality.

    BTYW hey mods.. i am trying to figure this issue out the methadone board people don't se4em to know... maybe someone here does.. i am discussing legal things here... don't nuke this post I really need this info.

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