Methods to make Blunts Burn slower...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by YahtzeeG, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. YahtzeeG

    YahtzeeG Registered+

    how do you guys make blunts last longer? I know you can honey your blunts but I am too lazy to do that? Do you just roll them tighter or what?
  2. silasbotwin

    silasbotwin Registered+

    yeah gotta just roll em nice and tight, and remember the more herb you put in there the longer it's gonna last. just practice rolling a tight blunt, honey or not, and you should be good.
  3. MacWQ33

    MacWQ33 Registered+

    I saw in the joint rolling thread that WICKED skinny blunt you rolled...maybe that's why they don't last LOL. Why use 2 blunts and make it that skinny..I don't get it...just use one. It looked like a long ass toothpick...

    I've smoked blunts well bigger than that's how you get them to burn long haha...and honey works very well.
  4. YahtzeeG

    YahtzeeG Registered+

    hehe yeah I usually roll one solid one :). That one has been in my room for almost a week. :)
  5. thahoodbotanist

    thahoodbotanist Registered+

    You might do this already but, if your not, roll with a cigar that has two leaves. Also take of the first leaf properly by unraveling it (dont jus gut tha whole thing, thats gay). I reccommend Garcia y Vega Gran Corona - Green Leaf, and Honey Dutchmasters. Enjoy

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