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    Lol well the title says it all, I was in Mexico for 4/20 and within 10 minutes of being there I got my hands on a half oz of for $40 lol I know right, So anyways I get back to the resort and start breaking up the bud and honestly with the first 4 grams i found like 6 seeds lol so I knew it was pretty garbage. (What I didn't know that my girlfriend brought a half oz of Premo BC Kush lol)

    Anyways when I got back I germinated the seed popped in the first 48 hours, planted it and it started growing. FAST planted it on May 8th 2009

    I couldn't find any of the real "Beggining" pictures but heres one from June 4th 2009. I know almost a month old and it's a tiny plant I wasn't giving it any nutes just straight water.

    june18.jpg June182.jpg
    So come 2 weeks later the plant hasn't grown much.

    Then I ran into some problems when ever the light would come on the plant would. This picture was Taken June 26th 2009

    Now I posted topics in the plant problem thread and lots said I was overwatering. So I stopped watering for a couple of days and still it would go down but about a week later when the light came on the leafs would start to come up.

    Here is a picture of when the light is just turning on. This was taken June 27th 2009 I know it's weird plant looking decent now all drooped down.
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  2. c0mrade

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    June29.jpg June29good.jpg
    Now here is a couple of pictures from June 29th Showing some improvement.

    July1.jpg July1good.jpg
    Here are 2 more pictures from July 1st 2009 with a lot of improvement from what I can tell.
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    Now a couple days ago Im not sure when this is just my test plant. Once I figure out exactly what I'm doing I will go out and purchase good seeds and proper nutrients. So I went out and picked up some shultz plant food 10-15-10 and been adding it to my water I think it's helping the plant seems to be growing much faster now. But Im a little worried about it I think I may be adding too much you will see pictures later on in the post. Now my temperature ranges from about 23-29 With the door on my box. I just took the door off so I'll see how that goes umm the Humidity is very low 30% for some reason I cant get it up (hehe) I have a small container of water in there hoping for it to evaporate to raise the humidity I've gone down with a spray bottle and put it behind the fan to spray water in the air.. Won't budge.

    Here are a few pictures taken today about 12 minutes ago. On the second picture you can see a little bit of yellowness on the leafs. I also notice that the stem appears to be a little purple you can kinda see in the pics.






    So as we all can see in the past week or so there has been some major improvement.
  4. c0mrade

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    Left the door off for about an hour with the small container of water


    Went down about an hour ago and put the door back on. Ermm temperature raised up to about 75 - 76 and humidity went down a little bit but lookin better still around 42% humidity.
  5. c0mrade

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    Just thought I'd upload some pics of my baby has grown a couple cm's since yesterday, growing REALLY fast I'm pretty excited. Picture of my hygrometer seems to be working good and from the research I've done my box is a pretty good environment.




  6. bonedaddy420

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    it looks good man. heres hoping its a girl!
  7. c0mrade

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    Tell me about it. It went through alot of stress but this is a strong plant so. Hopefully it'll all work out for the good.
  8. c0mrade

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    Day later and that much bigger.

    Those middle leafs are just BOOMing. You can also see a lot of new leaf development off the stem.




  9. c0mrade

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    Hey everyone havent posted any pics in a couple of days.




    Im leaving for Toronto on the 13th as Im going to Russia on the 21st just gonna put in a week of partying before I go lol. Umm Yeah my father and I worked it out he will be coming over on weekends and a couple times a week to water the plant so I don't have to rely on that pump on a timer im so scared of it over watering. So I have a little spray bottle and I will test tonight how many sprays it should take on dry soil so my father doesn't over water it. I get back to Toronto on august 7th and I most likely won't be back in Alberta until the 8th or 9th. So when I update everyone with pictures including myself we should be in for a surprise lol.
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  10. kuame1

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    hello comrade

    I´m growing mexican bag seeds to, and are good.

    Nice plant
  11. FreeDaHerb

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    I have smoked alot of weed in my time and NOTHING straight bud wise will get you as completely and totally stoned as some grown in the sun potent mexican sativa, alot of people don't realize it looks so crappy most of the time because it's old and compressed and has been stored/transported in very poor conditions to get to you before smoking but even then it's not bad and some of it is just straight up super funky nug...that can taste amazing.

    Also, most of it is grown in fields and gets poor attention on the commercial level outdoors, yet has the genes to make some pretty amazing nug when properly cared for and treated like a princess..they will have longer flowering periods though than your say NL#5 or Hash Plant that can come in at 6 or 7 weeks sometimes. Expect it to take about 9-11 weeks flowering like most outdoor sativa/skunk strains. It will also most likely stretch to 3 x it's current size during flowering so if you want a 6 foot plant, start flowering it when it's around 24" tall. I would also prune/top it a few times and encourage it to be more of a bush to control the sometimes unruly heights they can reach which will really hurt your yield unless you have thousands of HID watts to spare and 12 ft ceilings lol.

    There is fresh mexican bud I have smoked that is so powerful it will make you literally piss yourself and promise God you won't smoke weed anymore lol...trippin out and everything..stoned for 4 -5 hours, severe munchies, deep sleep, beet red eyes, etc. Most people that end up in emergency rooms with panic attacks from the strength are smoking mexican sativa. It can really sting you if you overdo it.

    Most mexican strains have various south american x skunk #1 or haze crossed genes which are very strong true breeding genetics from selected outdoor plants that have been grown in sometimes very adverse conditions for many years by skilled mexican farmers..the plants can get really big and are very strong. Some mexican bagseed will really suprise you when it comes out smelling like lemons & oranges dipped in skunk spray and cat poop and bright green covered in big golden has a certain something to it that the newer "dutch" white family genetics and various poorly bred crosses of today with unstable genetics just don't possess. It gets you STONED to the bone..all the way to the funny bone! :Rasta: :hippy:

    Ok, I'm done..nice little plant dude...hope it's a girl! :stoned:
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  12. c0mrade

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    Yeah Im hoping it's a girl 2. Im going away for 3 weeks so I can't wait to see it when I get back should be like a ft taller lol.
  13. Joefarmer

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    Well put FreeDaHerb,
    I love growing out bagseeds just so I can prove it's potential and say to myself "I grew mine way better than that last person."
  14. c0mrade

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    Hello Everyone, been away for about a month now. Heres a quick picture I took with my phone i'll update with some more closeups tommorow. I had my father looking after my plant but he kinda of screwed up the temperature and humidity as he was away for a week so the plant went under a little stress so a couple leafs died. But now all is good and the plant is back in business :p

  15. c0mrade

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    Here is some updated pictures.. I have ran into some problems my leaves are begging to turn yellow. I thought it may be the plant food so I cut it to straight water
    the temp in my box is between 25-27 and the humidity is 40-50%

  16. poke1shmot

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    that plant is extremely root bound, you should consider transplanting it soon.
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  17. c0mrade

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    How can you tell?

    Im gonna put it in a 5 gallon bucket tommorow. Everything is shut right now as its.. 11:31pm
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  18. c0mrade

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    Just put her into a 5gallon bucket.

  19. bonedaddy420

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    are you gonna flower it now that its in its final transplant stage?
  20. c0mrade

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    Would it be a good idea to flower it at this height?

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