Mice eating my stash?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by holysmokin, Oct 21, 2006.

  1. holysmokin

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    Ill start by saying that I used to leave my stash and smoking stuff in my shop in the garage. One nite a couple of weeks ago I got into my stuff and there was a small hole torn in my bag and most of my weed had been spilled out. I was really puzzled by it and decided to bring my stuff in the house and find a new hiding spot (damn kids):stoned: . Any way I was hanging out in my shop last nite smokin and listening to music and I keep hearing stuff in the attic above me and after a while I figured out it was mice up there. So today I picked up some traps to get rid of them, but now it has me wondering if that's what got into my sack:confused: Just the ramblings of a stoned father...peace
  2. couch-potato

    couch-potato Registered+

    Stoner mice!!!
  3. Nochowderforyou

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    Yes, more than likely. Keep it in a coffee can with a lid.

    A bird just ran into my window. :p
  4. couch-potato

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    Dude a few weeks back I was high and a fucking bird flew into my house and I was tripping balls not knowing what to do.
  5. Nochowderforyou

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    Back in Alberta I had birds running into my windows daily. I didn't know they did the same thing here, in a different province, 12 floors up. :p Silly birds.
  6. JaggedEdge

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    I had a bird stuck in my fireplace about a year ago. I kept trying to think of how to get the fucker out without it flying into my house. I guess I waited to long because the poor thing broke it's neck from flying into the door things on the fire place.

    And yeah, it does sound like the mice were the ones not blame and not the kids. God I dislike rodents, yet have a hard time killing mice. Rats, no problem, I would slay them with a pocket knife if I had to. But mice, they are just to cute and don't scream disease like rats do.
  7. ToDrunkToFish

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    Get a cat, my old cat would catch fuckin pidgeons and she was not even 12 pounds. She ran away and we got two other cats who were like 20 pounds each. Since we had another mouse problem we thought theyd be awsome. But, they havent caught a single thing but mayby bounce at a slow moving bug lmao. But theyre cute as hell.
  8. Cyclonite

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    Use a mason jar
  9. JaggedEdge

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    Cats don't always work. I have two of them and when ever they discover something they play with it but never kill it. They work well as a team though, they find what ever it is and than I get to kill or catch it. They truely are pussy's though. Funny but big pussy's.
  10. Ginnas

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    Outdoor cats maintain more of their hunter/killer instincts I think. We have an outdoor cat and he constantly leaves dead mice/squirrels/birds by my backdoor.
  11. JaggedEdge

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    Yeah, that sounds right. Both of mine are purely indoor cats.
  12. Dinol

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    The same thing happened to me ....
    An wondering wether I can use my stash again....?
  13. Weezard

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    Sure, just pick the mouse turds out first. :)

    They are actually after the seeds and will climb your plants to get them.
    So do birds.

    Had a plant go hermie on me and set seeds that I did not need.
    It was excellent smoke though, and I'm a lazy guy.
    So I put that plant out on the lanai.
    2 Hawaiian cardinals showed up right away and de-seeded it for me.
    They sang all day, I smoked all night.
    Eva-body got happy. :)

    Wee 'zard
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  14. stevetrentwilliamson

    stevetrentwilliamson Registered+

    Those sneaky s.o.bs

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