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    Hey, i made an account jsut to to ask this. I looked at all of the stuff about microwaving your weed to make it stronger and i tried it. It turns out that it works incredibly well. It seemed kind of too good to be healthy. DOes anybody know about the health risks of doing this, such as radiation. Maybe all of the radiation from the microwave makes it stronger and its bad for you when you smoke it. I really want to continue doing this but i'm thinking that there prbably are some risks. Is there any research on this? Any info is appreciated.
  2. hateyoul3itch

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    Im pretty sure microwaves give off radiation, not put it into what your microwaving
  3. onequestion

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    But it's pretty suspiciouse how much more potent it made the weed. It can't just be that the heat did that.
  4. Snorbel

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    There are some people who don't like to use a microwave at all, but if you feel comfortable using it for food, than it should be fine for bud.

    It is just the heat, try it in the oven instead on something like 300 F for 10 minutes.
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    Well idunno really.... I mean, it makes sense cuz THC is heat-activated, but at the same time alot of thc-rich-fumes going to waste, so that might counter-balance it...
    Well to test your theory, but a cig in the micro, and if it gives you an effect (other than chill), then it's prolly the radiation. If not, then I'd say it's safe and continue ;)
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    well its not like radiation gets you high ffs if you were suffering from radiation poisening you'd know about it if you look at the original thread for this it explains why it makes your weed stronger. happy toking
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    Radiatilon doesnt make you high but it can alter the plants structure somehow. I'm pretty sure that you would need a lot more radiation than from a microwave but i want to be 100% sure. Also, I cant find the explanation in the original thread, can someone give me a link to the explanation?


    I would try the cigarette thing but i dont smoke.
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    You guys are all talking crazy. The only reason to put weed in the microwave (and its a bad reason) is to dry it out faster after harvest. Microwaving weed will not get you higher it will actually ruin it. Here's why: Microwave ovens work by sending radio waves through the food being microwaved. As the waves pass through the food water molecules are excited and the positive charges of the molecules spin or rotate to try to align themselves with one another just like a magnet. When this occurs, heat is given off and moisture is thus extracted from the object being heated. As the small sacs known as trichomes on marijuana are heated, these sacs rupture and spill their contents thus rendering them a lot less affective when heated and inhaled.

    I think you may have a bit of the placebo effect going on onequestion
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  9. onequestion

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    I'm petty sure it was not placebo. I put very little in the microwave because i was testing out the whole microwave thing. When i eventually smoked it, it was way more intense than before. I hae no doubt that it actually worked. Placebo never works on me, even when i'm 100% sure that something will work, if it's not true, I wont be able to trick myself into thinking that it is, i jsut say oh well and move one. Especially with this, I was skeptical, and for it to actually work makes me sure that it affects the potency.


    It doesnt send radio waves, it sends microwaves. Hence the name "microwave". Also, it works by causing the water molecules to vibrate or something. THis causes friction between the molecules which gives off energy/heat.
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    Dude, the radiation it uses isn't the kind of radiation that occur from things such as Uranium, carbon, and other radioactive isotopes (which are gamma rays, alpha and beta particles). And as mentioned above, the waves exite the polar water molecules. Where the disconnect is it the question of what heat does.

    Look up isomerization. It's the idea that there are molecules that are similar to THC within the plant that can be activated into THC when heated. The issue is making sure that you do not overheat it and damage the trichomes as also mentioned above.

    Here's a good link. Check out what this guy says about the isomerization process.

    EDIT Here's the link Robert A. Nelson: Hemp Husbandry ~ Cannabinoid Chemistry (Ch 6)
  11. leapold

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    lol are u all stupid? it doesnt give of radiation... it shoots micro waves at the water particals, and the microwaves have very small wavelengths and high frequency so it excites the water molicules and heats up the substance
    no radiation
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    what a worthless thread.

    ps ps. pps ppssss, one question. Don't come up in here to start shit, your the one microwaving weed after all.
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    Radiation - the process in which energy is emitted as particles or waves.

  14. onequestion

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    I'm sure that doing it one time wont give me radiation poisining, but what im worried about is the weed keeping the radiation and maybe something happening when i set fire to it or maybe the butane can react.
  15. onequestion

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    thankks reaper. I guess its okay to microwave it then.
  16. onequestion

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    I got my munchies, and reading this thread was very enjoyable. Continue please.
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    DING, DING...we have a winner! Listen to the wise man! Good rep on the way.....

    Have a good one!:jointsmile:
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    I doubt that it would make it any stronger...

    It would just make it a lot drier and easier to grind thats all.

    Also makes it weigh less depending on how long you put it in because it dries it up.
  20. onequestion

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    why dont all the doubters of the microwave method zap their stuff int here for 20 seconds and get back with ur results. I guarantee u that u willl c a difference. Also, did anybody read the link i posted up?

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