Microwaving your pipe and weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Pride, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. Pride

    Pride Registered+

    I read somewhere here that microwaving helps.
    Well, I put my wooden pipe in the microwave for just a min and the resin inside the pipe became really gooey!
    When I put a paper clip inside to scoop it out, it felt like butter.
    So I recommend microwaving your pipe.
    It did make a lot of smoke though, so careful cause your kitchen will reek.
    But I read that microwaving your weed helps. Who microwaves their weed and how is it making it any different?
  2. invision

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    doing that burns off your THC its a really old myth i would stop doing it
  3. Pride

    Pride Registered+

    though nothing gets burned at all.. it just gets warm.
  4. Philosophymind

    Philosophymind Registered

    microwaving your pipe and microwaving your weed are two very different things. If you're microwaving your weed , you're burning off the thc.
  5. biohazard

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    weed doesnt have to burn to release THC, it just needs to heat up to a certain point. thats how vapes work.
  6. Pride

    Pride Registered+

    I see.. k i wont do it again.
    microwaving pipe was quite a good discovery for me though. the pipe was so clogged up you couldn't even inhale from it anymore and it was too hard to take out resin cause it was so dried/stuck.
  7. Nav Man

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    actuley a microwave works by boiling the warter in the food....
    which boils about 100 degress cellsius....
    thc releases at like 250 degress cellsius....
    so in theory its not hurting your weed at all....
    in fact some people say it activates the canibinods or watever there called...
    thats my 2c
  8. insanity

    insanity Registered+

    Microwaves don't produce heat, they produce waves which excite molecular activity which generates heat; so the temperature is irrelevant. I'd imagine that if you rolled a joint and stuck it in the microwave for like 10 seconds, it could be beneficial. As the THC molecules get excited enough to activate they could produce a resin that is absorbed by the papers... thats the only logic I could think of to justify a trivial and pathetic idea
  9. heat anything heats it up, and makes it more pliable... because you have a wodden pipe and water expands wood (i took woodshop so for once, this is one thing i knwo without a doubt lol :p) i wouldn't reccomend my guide at the top of this forum 'how to clean resin a guide' but yeah, .....
  10. fancy boots

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    Microwaving is adding energy. When you add excess energy the THC will be released. In theory it is adding heat because heat is energy. Microwaves bombard things will large waves of energy. I'll take my weed as it is thank you very much =)
  11. grrr ok i'm drunk, then my computer wouldn't let me correct it... lol... "heating anything heats it up" lmao that makes me sound stupid.. i meant to say, heating anything (basicly, i'm sure there are a couple of things out there that DON'T get more pliable when heated) makes it more PLIABLE, or moldable... other then wooden pipes, you can use this to you advantage, but wood, and water don't mix, i spent years in woodshop and i can tell you now soaking any wood in water, even if it's treated, isn't healthy for the wood. that's why i compliled my method for getting resin out (how to clean resin : a guide, in it, basicly you use heat to to put all the resin in the water, which weed [and resin] isn't water soulable which you eventually end up straining out....)
  12. Herbal

    Herbal Registered

    When I clean my glass, I take the utmost delicate care so as not to break it. To do it, I take it, throw it in a ziploc bag with some rubbing alcohol and a little salt for flavor. I then close the bag and nuke it in the microwave for 15 seconds. I then pull it out, and while its HOT I shake it around. Any left over globs of resin left in the pipe I soon scoop out with a toothpick and run it once more through the microwave for one more bag shake. A quick rinse and presto, brand new.

    As far as the resin, I don't smoke that shit. It tastes like ass and is harsh on the lungs.

    If you ever bombard your herb with waves of radiation, well, you would be better off giving it away, or better yet, roll it up and go for a walk in some woods. Its winter and the cold will get ya higher.
  13. amber420

    amber420 Registered

    When I clean my bong I just put a scoop of oxy clean in their and fill with hot water, let it sit for 15 mins and it all bubbles out the top, but rubbing alcohol and Rock salt work just good, i'm just to lazy to be shaking around my bong lol

    Anyways, I microwaved bud before, but only wet bud lol...impatience

    I would just recommend smoking your weed like a normal person lol, I dont know, I'm pretty wary of the microwave...
  14. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    The only thing smoking related that I use the microwave for is cleaning my sliders in a plastic cup of water... softens the resin and then I just hit it with some rubbing alcohol on a qtip to clean it up.

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