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  1. ilovebecky

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    I want to microwave some bud in cheese or peanutbutter or something but im not sure how long to nuke it for. Also, will it stink up my kitchen??? Thanks to anyone who can help!
  2. LearyS Disciple

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    what i did was take a cracker, put on butter, break up enough bud to cover up most of the butter, and stick a peice of cheese on it. i think i put in in the microwave just until the chesse melted which is VERY fast. then u take it out. it didnt smell up my kitchen at all. just to warn u, it tastes like raw, gay, un-wiped ASS. haha not that bad but it taste pretty bad. i had a hard time getting it down
  3. Sir Smokesalot

    Sir Smokesalot Registered

    Try putting peanut butter on a cracker then mix you,re weed in with the peanut butter until it,s totally covered put other caracker on top to make a sandwich then wrap in tin foil cook at 200 degrees for 20 mins in oven,i think microwave will destoy THC. P.s it will taste like shit if you use normal butter and cheese, peanut butter or chocolate spread will mask the taste.
  4. Mr. Crowley9009

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    will it stink up the house if you cook it in the oven?
  5. chefguru

    chefguru Registered

    yah will it ?
  6. acrca

    acrca Registered+

    yeah, will it?
  7. willystylle

    willystylle Registered+

    In the oven yes most definitely. In fact I'd say the oven is the no.1 source for a potent smell; not even a lit joint smells as bad. Don't do it in the microwave though I tried twice and never got a buzz for some reason.

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