Minimum amount of Kief required for Hash?

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by Cloud203, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. Cloud203

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    I've looked everywhere and still, I'm answerless.

    Is it possible to press a small amount of Kief into a hit of hash? Or does the process only work after you've gathered/pressed a certain amount?

    I'd just like to press a small enough amount to make a hit
    of hash just to try. I've never had it before and it sounds damn good.

    What do you guys think?

    I don't have a weight of how much kief I have (My scale is busted) but if need be, I can provide a picture with exactly how much I have. (Not all that much)
  2. Xyz505

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    youtube should show u how to make it u gonna need a good ounce i think
  3. SmokeNRun

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    All you need to do is buy a pollen press. I don't know how much kief you would need but it shouldn't be that much. I would bet it would press almost any amount.
  4. Cloud203

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    That's exactly what I figured, I just didn't want to give it a shot since I didn't know what to expect with a small amount. Here's a picture of how much I currently have. If pressed, would this be enough for at least ONE HIT of Hash? That's all I really want.

    Picture: Taking it now. Will Edit momentarily.
  5. Cloud203

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    Missed the 10 minute window to edit a message, so double posting time!

    Picture #1: Kief spread throughout the tin where it's kept.

    Picture #2: Kief pushed into a pile to get an idea of how much there is.

    (Yeah, I know I have a a few scraps of plant matter here and there)

    This is after collecting for about 3 weeks with just grinding/storing what comes out. I don't sieve or anything.

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  6. gypski

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    If you can pinch your powder and it stays together, your powder is pressed by your fingers into hash. Hash is pressed powder. Keif is not cannabis/hash powder. Keif is cannabis chopped up fine, almost like what a person gets when they process their cannabis through a strainer. Read a book like Hashish! R. C. Clarke. :D
  7. Cloud203

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    So you're saying as long as it can be pressed, it's alright? If that's the case, thanks for your response.

    I'll check out the literature also, when I have the chance.
  8. gypski

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    Yes, with minimal plant material. :thumbsup:

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