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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by ojitos1985, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. ojitos1985

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    hello bros! i wander whats the minimum veg time for a decent amount of weed you know, i really dont want to wait 2 month to start flowering, i mean will much difference between vegging 2 month? i dont want massive plant you know.. i only have 1 square meter for 9 plant....

    could we establish some proportion with the heigh? or the light?
    here we go with a pic, they are about 16 days old

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  2. hanayama

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    many recommend to start flowering when the plant is 1/3-1/2 of the desired final height. dont forget that the plant will get wider too, they need horizontal space, if you want the undergrowth to get any light love.

    it also depends on what strain you're growing.
    2 months may be too long.
    i vegged mine for 2 months and am ending up with a 5 foot plant that takes up the whole closet.

    and dont forget, unless you have feminized seeds, you'll be trashing half of them.

    good luck!
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  3. ojitos1985

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    i am growing 6 afgani and 3 skunks haze, and i started to think i ll get troubles cuz there are differents flower times....anyway i ll not veg more than 5 weeks, i wont a 2 meter height plant, AND i noticed that the skunk grow more tall than the afgani.. so i am in trouble at this point i ll have to top cut them, or the afgani x 6 will get less light
  4. hanayama

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    i dont know man... i guess id say start flowering when the skunk are ready, and prop the shorter plants up with some books or bricks or something to give it an even a pic of your set up?
  5. Twentyinches

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    I agree prop the shorter ones up, and 2 meters? you want 6 foot plants?
  6. ojitos1985

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    no way lol i dont want a 6 foot plant, i said "i wont", and yea you guys gave me an exelent idea, just put some books on the afgani, shit,,,without this forum i am a mess lol...really thank you guys,,, really thank you...

    well here we go with a pic, one is the setup, and the other is my 17 days old plants. no fertz yet.

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  7. hanayama

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    looking good ojitos!

    hows that grow tent working for you?
    ive been looking at those recently.

    are they light tight?
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  8. grey1223

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    Looks to me like you can start flowering pretty soon. Maybe in a week. Those are seedlings right? If so they'll stretch more than clones.

    Many times you hear people state 6 to 8 week veg for seedlings. I've never been able to veg that long as I would have huge plants.

    At any rate flower as soon as you want but remember you should let them get to at least 8 to 10" for any reasonable yield.
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  9. foxysox

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    I'd flower them the moment they show sexual maturity- alternating nodes.
    That's all the space you've got... and they will FILL IT.
    I flower plants at 5-6" in one gallon pots and find that 9 per square metre makes for a dense, thick canopy within the first couple weeks of flower, and might even be considered slightly crowded if each plant doesn't keep to a single main lead.
    Lookin' good.

    Oh- if they are not feminized seeds, you can go another week because you will be removing 4-5 males and ending up with extra space- you don't have to worry about what appears to be intitial crowding, as 5 plants with an extra 2 week of veg time from where you're at right now take up about the same space as the 9 would have.
  10. phatsesh101

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    what sort of yeild do you get with 9 plants in meter sq. and with what light
  11. grey1223

    grey1223 Registered+

    I'm curious about your yield in the 1gal pots. I have 16 2gal pots per Square Meter. I hand water in ProMix. I've flowered a couple of small plants in 1 Gal with so-so results. I'd just like to know more --how many transplants, finishing height etc..
  12. ojitos1985

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    grey when you wrote " it mean inches?
    my plants are about 25cm of height....

    hanayama, the tent is really cool but i am having troubles puting the revolving fan inside you know,, it consume space so it gotta be fixed someway... the light and the reflector are hanged from the structure, so it is fine for now hehe

    , sadly my seeds are not feminized so you right i will be trashing half of them lol, but what you mean with sexual mature, the pistils? like in the picture?

    it is about 500grms of square meter BUT... i am trashing half of my plants cuz they arent feminized... with luck i think i ll get 250grms i think... with very luck lol.. this is my first setup so, i think it will be less =)

    so you guys think i can start flowering at this point? my plant are 20 days old at today... you know... i dont want massive quantity, i want big buds with quality hehe, AND guys i am in trouble, i dont recall what are the skunks-haze and the afgani, i mixed while watering.. god damn.....

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  13. grey1223

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    25cm is fine to flower and they should finish around 75cm+. By the way, I can't believe what I said on my prior post about having 16 2 gal pots per sq. meter. It was a brain fart I guess. I have nine 2 gal pots per sq. meter. Anyway, I'm curious about your yield per plant in the 1 gal pots.
  14. phatsesh101

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    i would take a decent cutting from each plant markthem to their mother grab a cfl put your cutting in water like roses or somthing of the sort not to root them but sex them if you put your cutting in12/12 it should sex in about a week then youll know what the parent is take clones from mothers and do a sog setup cause you stated youd like your plants short so flower after clones stabilize and get an oz or 2 every 2-3 weeks since they remain short they should have better buds cause the smaller plants can focus more energy on a single large bud rather than a bunch of itty bitty buds on the top of a 4-6 ft plant. cause ive noticed whether you have a two foot plant or ten ft plant in same space under a 400w lamp you still only get about .5 grams per watt so if you keep them small you concentrate the resins and growth to your bud not a bunch of useless leaves and branches hence more potent buds.(ed rosenthal marijuana grow tips).and u lose less light intensity over a distance not to mention you can fit more plants in your sq meter probly prety close to sixteen or twenty to maximize your space put clones in to flower in 16oz dixies then to gallon bags is what i use from my local hydro shop
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  15. Big len

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    I like to start flower cycle when plants are about 12in. will end up about 3ft. although I like to ty them down a bit also, looks good.
  16. ojitos1985

    ojitos1985 Registered+

    phatsesh101 very interesting didnt know you can sex them without rooting, wish a knew some weeks ago lol, i started flowering 3 days ago, i started all my plants at 25 cm, and now all are 40cm and one is 50cm wtf?
    i am really worried cause there is no more space and they are you keep them low big len you just cut the top?

    i really just want to know what sex is each one cause they left me with no space, but i think one is showing the sex look closer to the pic, showing 2 white airs from those things!!! i am right?

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  17. grey1223

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    I can't see the pistols in the photo but it certainly sounds like a female. If you have height issues it's best to bend or tie limbs that get too close to the lamp. Since you're growing from seed don't be surprised at how fast they'll stretch. Sometimes they can triple in height the first 10 days of flowering.

    Just don't panic yet. Once you pull your males you'll feel better and have more room.(Though height won'tchange)
  18. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    Hey grey I just saw this and it all depends on strain. Foxysox runs about 40 different strains in her garden and some do NOT like the flower-when-rooted treatment (notably the real squatters like SourBubble BX3, which yields like SHIT without veg time and squats so low that the buds get covered with perlite lol). Some love it, like the Afghani Dream. I'm looking at up to an ounce per plant on the better yielders among this stock, but have no offical wieghts yet because this is all spankin' new- Foxy has never run in hand-watered ProMix before, this is her first tiem out, but reports that 3 waterings a week under 2400 watts is BARELY cutting it- 4 would be better- but that plant health is excellent, and yield, as a result, should be fantastic.

    Transplants are few- from rooted clones into 2.5" square peatpots, veg until clones are doubled in height from cutting time judged by # of nodes that show the tips of the fans snipped vs. non snipped (=new since cutting), then into 1gallon pots of promix and flipped back to 12/12. Finish height stays under 18" and that's the taller ones like Rushman's Toxic Lemon.

    I'm gonna get on her to post up some pics ;)
  19. grey1223

    grey1223 Registered+

    Interesting. I've never had a plant that short. Even my Afghani's finished at 3 feet. It also wasn't me that said "flower when rooted". I've never done that, although some strains are said to do well that way.

    I can't imagine running that many strains at once. The most I've done at the same time is 3 strains and I had a hell of a time dialing in 3 different nute levels.
  20. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    I didn't see you say that either- just something to note.

    Yeah it's a freaking PITA and nothing really gets perfectly dialled in, but my main production strains are all fairly heavy feeders so it's not the worst thing on earth. As soon as the flower room gets half empty, a table for containerized vert NFT is going in and there's gonna be a more practical single-strain SOG in there... finally... I imagine, to the delight of the people who have been laughing at my misguided compulsion to collect and hoard genetics haha

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