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Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana States' started by Allan421, Jun 1, 2015.

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    Since there is no dedicated MN thread, maybe we can use this spot.
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    Well, here we go.

    MN's MMJ Registry went live today, June 1st, 2015.

    I have an appointment with my HIV Doc tomorrow at 1:30 PM to get the process started.

    My Doc runs the State of Minnesota's largest clinic. He has said the clinic, HCMC, is hesitant to participate in MN's MMJ program but did not elaborate on why. I will be adding pressure and seeking answers tomorrow and will report back here.

    I deduced quite a while ago that patient access was going to be a big problem for many reasons, one of them being reluctant, scared, wussie docs.


    This is going to suck if I have to leave a Doctor I have seen to manage this disease since 1987 just to find one with the BALLS to certify my HIV/AIDS diagnosis.

    Peace and Good Health!
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    This is a letter I have sent to MN's MMJ Program:

    Hi XXXXX,

    It appears a big problem is developing within our great State’s Medical Cannabis Program.

    Large numbers of Docs/Clinics are opting to not certify Patients’ Qualifying Conditions.

    Patients are not able to switch to a Doc who will do so because the State then is saying there is no “established relationship”.

    Even if Patients were able to “Doctor shop” for one willing to certify their condition why should a Patient be forced to leave a Doc they have been with for a long time and have built a trusting relationship?

    I am finding there are very many extremely frustrated Patients at this time. My own Doc, whom I’ve been seeing for nearly thirty years, is not responding to my inquiries about the status of my registration into the program. He has also not provided me access to test results from ten days ago. He has “gone dark”.

    I have five Docs (four specialists and one General Practitioner). As I understand it I cannot have one of my other Docs certify my Qualifying Condition as he/she is not the one treating it.

    This can be fixed in my opinion by revoking the option of “opting out” by practitioners. They are currently refusing to release the medical records of Patients when the Patient has requested them to be released. There has to be a workaround here or this MN experiment will fail before it gets off the ground.

    Good Luck. Let me know if I can help.

    Warm Regards,


    PS I have been in contact with a Minnesota Medical Cannabis Therapeutic Research Task Force member who is one of these frustrated Patients. This person is also a very frustrated Task Force member due to it’s stalled and dysfunctional status and is preparing to move out of MN to a State with a more accommodating MMJ Program.

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