Miracle-Gro (30-10-10)

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by Mr_Green, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. Mr_Green

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    When is Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Plant Food (30-10-10) good to use on your plant? At a young age or middle or flowering or not at all? Thank You
  2. Earthy Dank

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    miracle-gro is not organic just so you know.... but it is ok to use if nothing else is availible. I have used it and it did fine. I would only use it for vegetative (april-july outside) and get a high phosphurous (10-30-10) for flowering
  3. the image reaper

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    IF you are using one of the potting soils that already has fertilizers in it, do NOT use any fertilizer at all, for the first two months ... if not, you can use the MG ... as already stated, Miracle-Gro is OK to use for your vegging phase, but, DILUTE IT !! .. it is quite strong, and WILL burn up your plants if overdone ... mix it at 1/4 strength, and only use it about every third watering ... watch the tips of the leaves, if they start to 'brown', stop feeding, and go back to plain water ... stop using it at least a week before going into the flowering phase ... nitrogen interferes with flowering ... :smokin:
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  4. Mr_Green

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    thanks for all the help... so really i dont have to use it....just water should grow my plant but if i do use it then only in the vegging state... if there is more then please let me kno...
  5. twoguysupnorth

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    watch your ph, i was just given a box of the very same fertilizer and it is used for plants that like acidic soil. azaelias and hydrangeas. i havnt used it and i probably wont except in my garden where i have hydrangeas.
  6. apolloserve

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    Miracle Grow does have an Organic Seriers. Including Soil, Ferts, and Blood Meal and Bone Meal. Which is made from all organic materials. I wouldnt use the blood or bone or you plants thou. the nutrients it gives in blood is like 6-9-0 and in bone its 12-0-0. I work at home depot as a cashier, and when im in the garden cashier, all i do is look up what soil is good for growing pot. and the organic soils are some of the best, purely becuase of the fact that when you smoke ur bud, the taste will be some what smoother of a pull. a cleaner taste.
  7. Mr_Green

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    a smoother taste sound good.... yea i went to Home depot out here where i live and they didnt have much to say about growing... it seems like they dont know anything about growing any type of plants so i didnt get no help there but good to here about the organic soil i'll keep that in mind... thank you
  8. twoguysupnorth

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    alot of times in the bigger stores they just put in someone as a cashier and they have no garden knowledge at all. i know, i was one of them but at least i had some garden smarts.
  9. Mr_Green

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    lol... fo sho....
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    she was a ho.............for sho.....

  11. Dr. Bloor

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    I have found that MG can very easily burn your plant. MG has all kinds of fertilizers available. The one I have heard works ok on this is the patio food MG. Too much N for flowering I think. I have been doing experiments with various ferts. MG was one of the first to get tossed out. I was using it at a 1/4 dose and still had burn. This stuff just does not like it. Look around for Fox Farms fertilizers. They are made for this stuff. I have also had some success with a California brand 'Hawaiian Bud & Bloom'.
  12. NorCalShooter

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    firstly, miracle grow IS NOT 30-10-10.

    it is 20-20-20

    ive used miracle grow plant food for YEARS and have only had a problem with it one single time, ad that was on a 18" plant that was watered with it by mistake when it was completely dry (never do that with any fertilizer as if the plant is very dry and lacking moisture, it will suck it up so fast it WILL kill it in a matter of minutes)

    i use regular miracle grow for veg, and flowering miracle grow for the first 3-4 weeks of flowering, then use only mollasses and corn syrup. if you use any chemical fertilizer, dont forget to cut the stuff off at LEAST 4 weeks from harvest and flush well.
  13. mmatt0070

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    I have a box of miracle grow nursery select and it is 30-10-10, I use it full strength during veg with nothing but positive results so far. Also regular mg is like 24-8-16 not20-20-20.
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