Miracle Grow and Cannabis...Good or Not??

Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by Pawtsmokkirr, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. Pawtsmokkirr

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    Hello everyone, first time grower here and Ive got a 1 plant that ive started out with and it seems to be doing very well. Its into its 2nd week of flowering now. 12/12 light cycle with 2- 120 watt 5000k, 1250 lumens CFL's I started out on the veggie cycle using Miracle Grow water soluable 18-18-21, deluted very well in water. I did experience just a little bit of burning on a few fan leaves on the edges due to me spraying the mixture directly on the leaves and then setting it out in full sun all day. It has over come the burning and is doing very well now. Just the other day I used Miracle Grow Bloom Booster 15-30-15 now during the flowering cycle. The main bud at the top is really starting to take off and new buds are forming down below, and so far, no new burning..
    I have heard from a few people that using Miracle Grow is not good for growing Cannabis and that it can also lower the THC in the buds. Is this info really true?? Others have told me that its OK to use as long as you delute it very well and not to mix it too strong. My buds are really starting to get a nice fresh smell to them, and I just dont want to ruin my 1st grow by not knowing if what im using is good or not.....any suggestions, comments??
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    I've used MG since 2005...I'm use to it
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  3. leadmagnet

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    I've had some success with MG soil in the past but with that time release crap you're creating limitations for yourself. A flush could easily kill off yer girl too. I generally shy away from it. I experimented with the 6 month release recently and it killed off all my girls three and four weeks into flower. Way bad shit, man. Way bad shit.
  4. Pawtsmokkirr

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    How much were u using?? Mine isnt the time release, its the water soluable mixture. I have really deluted it to a very weak mixture of Bloom Booster and the main bud is really taking off. I feed it once a week and plain water in between. Just not sure if its gonna end up affecting the taste of the buds, as I plan to stop feeding all together a week or 2 before I chop her down...:smokin:
  5. leadmagnet

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    The pros and cons of using the time release soil verses the additives is an apples/oranges kind of thing.

    You'll find the additives issues far more fixable than using that crummy soil. A lot of folks even like the MG additives but then you get into the heavy metals verses quality organic arguments and the discussion usually drops off into the deep end about then. It's a call you're going to have to make according to your own priorities.

    Just stay the hell away from that god dang MG six month soil unless you want a good rump ramming.
  6. Rusty Trichome

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    I've never had a problem with the 12-4-8 MG nutrients, (which I use in emergencies) and no...there's no evidence it lowers quality or effects. Some folks try to make a name for themselves by slamming crap they know nothing about, and parroting others misconceptions. They are usually the ones that never back their statements with proof, and blame their tools for crappy results. The nursery that supplies my potting soil just moved out-of-town, so am going with MG or Supersoil. It's what's available, and I've worked with both before. No big deal, except the MG and Supersoil are almost double the price of what I was using.

    Sneak-up on the maximum to acclimate the young plants to the nutrients. Best to start with 1/4 tsp:gal for first week or two, and watch for results. A full dose is 1/2 tsp:gallon of water per week.
    Give the soil a good flush a week or ten days before switching to 12/12. (you aren't flushing the plant, you're flushing the excess nutrients, salts, additives and crap from the soil)
    If your soil is pre-fertilized, you'll have to make a judgement call with when to start the nutrients, and how much to offer the plants for the first couple of applications. It's ok to underfertilize for a few times till you get used to the dilution rates, but overdosing can kill a seedling or freshly-rooted clone overnight.

    I do agree with the warning to stay away from the MG 6 month soil though. You'll want more control than the 6 month mix allows.

    Quite a bit of nitrogen in the flowering mix, and admittedly, I'm curious of what the results will show.
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  7. leadmagnet

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    I sure as hell hope you're not referring to me genius.
  8. Calif1223

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    Your right on, using Miracle Grow does indeed maintain the plants but the resources in Miracle Grow restrict the amount of bud it can grow. Best to stay organic and use chicken manure, bat guano, balance the nitrate, etc...
  9. Rusty Trichome

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    Why...guilty conscience? No names were mentioned, but if the description fits, then yes...you are one of the members I was taking about. :thumbsup:
  10. dobiepaq

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    MG & MJ

    hey pawt
    I've only used MG soil, but its the "Moisture Control" pkg. its NPK is .21/.07/.14...now there is some thing I dont like, it has twigs & pieces of bark but thats what I started with 4 yrs ago before I put them in the ground & after loseing trees to hurricanes & floods, I grow out of pots now... I know it can be done & I do not have a green thumb!... hell if it was a plant & i touched it it will most certainly die... I also use perlite in the MG soil.
    I also use MG nutes, the same ones you are useing along w/superthrive...

    here is a pic of the clones that i kept in my kitchen during the winter in MG fed by MG under house hold floro lights..
    if you need any info let me know... but I am a beginner like you...

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  11. rudy2010

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    Does the MG have Micchorizae. If not you should add some. That seems to be a key thing for me when starting new plants. If I use regular SuperSoil the plants are severly stunted and never catch back up even if I transfer to Happy Frog later on.

    I am not an expert either and I don't have experience with MG. I have had great luck with Fox Farms, Roots and Vermiblend.
  12. mickrick

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    ive used MG soil b4 and found it way to hot for seedlings or young plants.
    but for the final pot up b4 flowering it's it's the mutts nuts..

  13. leadmagnet

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    Oh, well thank you for the scolding then. May I have another? Then again you're the guy out there wildly slingin accusations. Maybe you should take a look inward. Of course you could just be some cranky old geezer venting for some reason or another; therapeutically speaking. If thats the case, my apologies to you sir. Glad to be of service. If it saves you from running out into your yard and kicking your dog we're all happier.
  14. leadmagnet

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    I'd still caution against using the MG 6 month time release dirt for final potting.

    While obviously your plant is not going to be growing that long anyway it can still easily over fertilize your plants in a horribly untimely manner. I’m thinkin that particularly in low humidity arid environments- them little time release storage capsules dissolve prematurely.
  15. zebu111

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    yesssiirrrreeeeeee :Rasta:
  16. Ocotillo

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    Miracid better?

    IMHO, I found the regular MG to work great on growth and veg. Miracid may be even better as it's for acid loving plants although I've not yet tried it. The Bloom Booster seemed either too strong or too much N or maybe I didn't do something right. MG BB made plants dark and slight burn, again could have been me but I'll still use it, just on the outside yard 'n garden stuff.

    For the finer veggies 'n herb garden I now go with Fox Farms (all 6 parts) as it seems to be time proven and, dare I say, idiot proof! Molasses comes well recommended so I use a bit of that too.

  17. cf5326

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    Look up "Supersoil" i heard thats the best
  18. budlover13

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    I'm on my first grow and I'm using MG organic soil and MG ferts. It looks like the quality is pretty good, but I am disappointed with yield. Since it's my first grow I have nothing to compare this to, but I plan on making some changes on the next grow.
  19. widder

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    MG Bloombooster is OK

    I've used MG products(water solubles...not soil)on outdoor plants for years w/ good results.Disabilities have forced me into an indoor 4x4 closet setup.My first grow turned out good using Orchid Plus veg. food from lowe's w/ one ml Superthrive per gallon.For flowerring I use MG Bloombooster(1.5 tbsp/2gal)along with 2ml. Superthrive and a spoon of mollasses every 8 days.Nothing burns and I'm very satisfied w/ results This is my first time writing on this forum so hello everyone!.
  20. budlover13

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    Helolo widder! Glad to hear another success story with MG. I'm on my first grow so I figured it would be one less variable I'd have to deal with since I've used it for years in my veggie garden. I started getting scared though when everyone started talking about how bad MG was. I can't say from experience since I'm a noob gardener, but I've found more and more people are ok with MG. I think I will pass on their organic soil next crop just so I can have more control over nutes, but I think I'm going to still feed with MG.:jointsmile:

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