miracle grow and what nute to use for flowering????

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    i have 5 plants in veg for 2 weeks now in mirale grow soil that says feeds for 6 months on the bag...my question is what nutes do i use for flowering and when do i use them..i do not want to harm the plants by giveing them too much stuff seing as the soil already has nutes init...please help
  2. heffner

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    same question more detailed...mg soil and nutes??( w/pics

    i plan on flowering in about 2 more weeks and need to know if i should add anything to my soil if it already contains nutes..im using miracle gro potting soil that says feeds up to 6 months on the bag...i have pics to show how they look and the grow box..i dont want them to get burned..theyve been in veg 2 weeks now...and i want the most yeild also of course...do i get a bloom booster from mg..how much do i use if any...is it nessecary to add stuff to the soil ????
    any feed back please hit me with it!!???
    thanx guys im a first time grower new to this so all help and comments are needed and welcome!!!!

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    I would not use any more nutes in MG soil.
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    if you went for miracle grow soil with nutes ya have do make some research that what ecsacly is in there..cos like DIY shop where i work we have massive gardencentre and we have like 10-15 different potting soil with different nutes and they are more or less all with different base...
  5. Hey pilgrem I be assumin yual be usein this here box yual made to be growin from start to finish? If so yual will be keepin in these same pots yu be showin they be in now? Ifin yu realy want to use some sort of bloom builder nute my suggestion be when yu are ready to flower them yur final waterin while in veg be flushin 5 times the amount at least through the pots of the pot size. ifin they be 1 litre pots flush 5 litres of fresh water through them until run off water be runnin clean. Then yu can switch to flower and the next time yual be waterin and yu want to add yur bloom nutes start out with half strengh of the recommended amount and watch what the plants do if they like it yual can slowly increase yur nutes but be patient and carefull pilgrem be listenin to what yur plants be tellin ya and yu do fine. Good Luck pilgrem hope yual yield what yu be needin.

    I be usin MG products and be lovin them they never did me wrong here be some mine I use just fur refference.


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  6. heffner

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    mg..soil nutes??!!

    so basically i do need bloom booster? and i sould flush out the mg soil i have...im new to this and dont want to hurt them...maybe stupid question but how do i properly flush out plants...is that not over watering them..and when should i start flower in that size of a grow box bou t3ft by 2 1/2 !!??once again thanx guys very useful and im so ready to learn more
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    From what I understand (Not from personal experience.) the MG six month has time release nutes in it.
    This is accomplished by little balls in the soil that open when a certain amount of water has passed over them.
    These "balls" have different shell thicknesses so some take longer to open.

    With all this in mind, IMO when you flush this MG soil all you are accomplishing is to release more nutrients. This could possibly burn your plants.

    So from what I've heard it would be best not to add anything and just grow as normal.
    Then around the fourth week of flower start using some unsulfered molasses. I don't know of the proper doses to use because like I've said this is all from reading what others have done.

    This is a little long winded but I don't want you to make any hasty decisions that could possibly mess up your little babies.

    Wait a little longer and hopefully some of the members on here that have experience with your soil will chime in. :hippy:
  8. heffner

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    good stuff to know!!!

    yea i noticed the little yellow balls in the soil....so i should not use bloom builder???...even when i start to flower ?? will it still yeild good..????
    and when i do start flower how long do i flower them before harvest!!??
    im neww!! thanx again u guyz rock!!
  9. Yu dont have to use any bloom builder if yual dont want to just some folks like to see if it be addin some weight to the budds and in most cases it be workin for most. As for the flush bein overwaterin not if the plants be due for a waterin and the soil be dry as dry can be. Flushin out as much as the left over nutes as yu can to purge the soil of left over nute uy a good flush can make way for yur introduction to bloom nutes ifin this be the way yual want to go. If not yual be doin what the above pilgrem be sayin and just let the MG nutes added in soil carry yu through as best they can. All I be sayin ifin yu want to add bloom nutes to yur grow yual be best to get out as much of the slow release nutes out as possible. as fur yur area of grow not sure gain what yual be growin but I be hopin them auto strains caus it gonna get tight in there fur sure and judgin by whats goin on in my grow the past couple days I flipped my to 12/12 and they be about 12 inches hight and in 10 days they are now 24 inches high doubled in size and I am runnin outa room. Be warned pilgrem they be sometimes growin at least double in size once yu go to 12/12. Good Luck

  10. heffner

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    thanx backwoodD

    your the man...explained alot and it makes since..do you think the slow realease will get me to harvest if i dont add bloom...and they are only about 8 inches not quite 12 inches yet ...how long into flower will i know its harvest time!??
    and should i switch to warm light 2500 k lumens for flowering..i have 4/100 watt daylight cfls now in there???
  11. My first grow I used MG soil and didnt add anythin but some MG plant food near the end I did ok but it was my first grow and even though I got some to put in my pouch coulda probly did alot better and I do now ;)

    I be askin yual these questions caus it be real hard to tell ya anythin without more info pilgrem.

    Yu be askin how long into flower till harvest? Depends on strain and climate

    Yu be askin bout changin lights and I be no master when it comes to this area as I ussualy let mother nature provide this outdoors all I be tellin ya here is more light the better! if yual got the ability to beef up yur lumens it cant hurt realy. be makin sure yual have good air flow and ventilation caus ussualy more light be meanin more heat and lookin at yur set up bos be easy to turn that puppy into yur state of the art EASY BAKE OVEN and yual be cookin yur plants so be carefull. As for any nutes best start out small and work up to things and watch what yur plants do with everythin yu do. Since yual be a new grower I can tell yu its best when I be thinkin back my first time to try things on yur own read up info here and do yur best with trial and error its how we all learn from our mistakes as well as learn from our achievements be a learnin experience journy yu be on now pilgrem nothin but up from here!

    Good Luck

  12. heffner

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    cool....appreciate it
  13. heffner

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    whats the best time to start flowering!!??

    how long do i flower before its time to harvest..climate is 75- 78 degrees
    intake and outtake fans..3 ft by 2 1/2 grow box 5 plants mg soil 4/100 6500k watt daylight bulbs cfls..pics above..plants only about 7inches with big leaves
    mid grade seeds...plan on switching to warm light 2500 k lumens for flowering..is this correct??????:cool:
    i have red skunk seeds but want to see how first grow goes!??
  14. donnachris

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    when you harvest depends on the strain that you grow. if you go to a seedbank you can see what i mean. each seed type is listed with a flowering period, ex. 4-6 weeks, 7-11 weeks. but from the sounds of it you are growing seeds from a bag that you bought and you not growing something bought from a seed bank. am I correct?? IMO if this is the case, your going to have to let your plant tell when it needs to be harvested. someone else may know more than me though.
  15. Nope yual be knowin enough!

    What he/she said above good to go

  16. heffner

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    thanx and what about the lights??

    thanks...i guess we,ll wait and see..ill keep ya guys posted with any other questions and photos..:thumbsup:
    can anyone answer my question above about the lighting situation??
    swittching to warm light 2500k lumens for fowering..
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    VEGASKUSH Registered

    (someone I know is going through same thing) What you want to do is take a microscope to your flowers, look at the trichs. You should be looking for Milky not glittery white tirchs. Once you have reached that phase, you then want to look for AMBER trichs. The desire for the type of (High/Medicine) you are looking for is a personal preference. 50% Milky/50% amber is a balanced head/body high. Think of it like this, More milky the more head..(uppity/energetic) The more amber, the more your stuck on your sofa ignoring your wife playing COD black ops! :thumbsup:

    All in all, patience is a virtue...Longer the better...
    Hope this helps

    All information I have givin is for entertainment purposes ONLY!
  18. heffner

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    what are these trichs you speak of....

    any pics u can hit me with...?????
    and how does this let me know when there done exactly
    sorry if i sound lost...just supper new !!!
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  20. tikiroom

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    You have plenty of time.
    Do some searches around here on your questions. There is tons of information to be had in these forums.
    Asking back to back simple questions is going to discourage most of the experienced growers on here from helping you. They want to see that you are dedicated and have put in your own time and researched.
    Also it gets very exhausting continually answering the same questions.

    Here is a link to get you started. Cannabis FAQs / FAQ , Recipes, Medical Marijuana
    Now go do some reading. Then come back here with questions to fine tune the techniques and new found knowledge. :hippy:

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