mite killer- tobacco juice recipe

Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques' started by bluntman2006, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. bluntman2006

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    a mite recipe soak three cigarette in water overnight then boil for three minutes then spray.Have anyone heard these and if u have does it work with perfection.Got the recipe from high times
  2. Bluefunk

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    Similarly from overgrow FAQ: watch out for TMV though..: Never done it, never had whitefly:

    Never spray with HIDs on, and use appropriate protective gear Other homemade chemicals If you smoke cigarettes, you can also make a spray with a small amount of dish soap, and some tobacco. The nicotine is extremely toxic, and will kill the bugs if they come in contact with it. Break a bunch of cigarettes up and soak the tobacco in water overnight. Beware of the possibility of TMV (tobacco mosaic virus), unless you boil your solution for ~20 minutes (after adding the tobacco) to kill the virus. Let cool, add your few drops of detergent and voila. Strain it, spray it
  3. bluntman2006

    bluntman2006 Registered+

    will this work or no?
  4. turtle420

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    There's one way to find out...
  5. yaarea41510

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    i heard tobacco works well on mites. Neva tried it. just stick with neem and pyrethrum (good combo)
  6. misk

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    i have some spider mites at the moment, if they come back after the last serving i gave them, ill try this and let u know :)
  7. DE.Db33t

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    Palmolive and water always worked for me, i never tried ciggerettes but its worth a try.
  8. Bachelorpads

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    it will kill most of them but it is definitely not a cure and they will be back.
  9. Shelbay

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    Here we put a dillplant next to our tomatoes and other DOES insect problems & the tomatoes are looking beautiful this year.
  10. Opie Yutts

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    will this work or no?

    Yes it will. It will work to control them like all other natural methods, but it is a never ending cycle.

    To kill them once and finally, use a No Pest Strip or Avid. Search man. Read the thread "spider mites".

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