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Discussion in 'DIY / How To Methods' started by Buds Buddy, Jun 30, 2018.

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    OK all, I made a Homemade Co2 Bucket that I seen on YouTube. It's a 5-Gal. Home Depot Bucket that I cut a 3" hole in the lid. Ran a Fish Tank Heater through the hole & mounted a Fish Tank Pump over the hole I cut out of the lid. Then sealed a plastic bowl over the pump & hole with silicone to prevent any air leaks. The Co2 gets sucked up through the fish pump & disbursed through the hose. There was nothing about any type of air lock in the video so I'm wondering if one is needed ?
    Also....the video's I've watched have not given any info on how much yeast & sugar & water to use in a 5 Gallon Bucket. Anybody have that info ?
    My tent is still running mid 80's when sealed up tight so Co2 should help some. Plants just sprouted so I haven't turned on charcoal filter / fan to exhaust the tent as of yet so temp may drop some. Going to find out tonight.
    Never the less....I want to try Co2. My last grow was 1 plant just to see if I could do it. Well the temps were 86 - 91 degrees most the time & I could not get the temps down. End result was huge, fluffy, light weight buds. Looked like 5 oz. (Filled 4 qt. jars) but only weighed 2 & 3/4 oz. Still Azz Kickin' Stuff though !!!
    But I hear it was the high temps that caused this. I was using 400 Watt HPS at the time. Now I use 3 - 600 Watt LED's in a tent 4 times the size. (4' x 8' x 7') Temps are about 7 degrees lower with the LED's.
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    Never Mind !!! Found the answer myself through hours & hours of internet research. Would have been much easier if someone replied....but I guess weed is no longer about Love, Peace & Happiness & enjoying it with each other like it use to be. Those were the days !!!
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    Oh now, I wouldn't say that.

    Us old timers are watching you and smiling. Remembering our first grows.
    We all went to the tricky side as soon as we had one harvest.
    Most of us could tell you exactly how much water/sugar/yeast to use, but to little avail.
    CO2 enhancement gives no benefit unless ALL of the other needs are well met and the temperature is elevated.
    Once you fully understand temperature effects, you know when CO2 is useful, and when it is not
    So, we also wait for you to look it up, (The first link in my sig.)

    Most of the really solid information I have gathered was found while I was chasing something else.
    That's why spoon feeding specific answers is a disservice to a new grower.
    Spend your spare time reading is the best advice we can offer.

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    No disrespect meant Weeze ...But I thought this was a social media site where new growers could get info from experienced growers. If we have to look everything up then there's really little use for this site at all. We all may as well go buy books to read instead.
    As far as using Co2 & having my ducks in a row....from what I've read on numerous sites the only requirement is high temps above 85 degrees but works best in low 90's. Those temps are no problem for me when I close my tent up completely. I have to leave it partially open to keep it 84 - 86 degrees with 55% humidity.
    Everything is hooked up & ready to go for my Co2 Set Up so I will be trying it this weekend using the ratios I found on the internet...however...I got several different ratios so guess I'll just pick the one that sounds the best.
    Not sure how safe this will be....but since I can't get a direct answer I guess I'll take my chances.
    You call it "spoon feeding answers"....I call it helping someone out & keeping them safe at the same time.
    Anyway, I joined a few other forums so I could post my questions on several sites at the same time to increase my chance of getting my answers.
    Always more than one way to skin a cat.
    Anyways, you have been more helpful than anyone else on this site & I do really appreciate it. But the fact is I want to move up to the next level & get a high yield. I don't want to grow oz.s....I want pounds...a minimum of 5 lbs. each harvest. The tent was too hot last time & I got light weight airy buds instead of tight heavy weight buds. I believe Co2 would help. People I've talked to at the Hydro store swear by it (growers not employees). Seems a lot of growers in my neck of the woods are bringing tanks in to get filled while I'm there so maybe it works well in this environment. Remember... it's 110 outside here most the time in the summer months.
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    I have also noticed a uneasy quietness in this forum in the past few weeks. It’s spooked me to the point that once I finish my current grow log, I doubt that I’ll do another.
    Silence screams.
    The echos roar.
    I don’t like it.
    It makes me nervous AF.
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    That is an excellent idea!
    It's how us "experienced growers" learned how to be that.

    Trail, error, and not knowing bad advice from solid information, is a recipe for failure.
    If you don't read a book or two You will not know the experienced growers from the "parrots".

    "from what I've read on numerous sites the only requirement is high temps above 85 degrees but works best in low 90's."

    An illustration of rule #2
    If they do say it is the only requirement, they are incorrect.
    ALL other needs must be abundantly met AND higher temps.
    This means. if you are only growing ounces, just adding some CO2 will not turn that unto pounds

    Neither will force feeding, or bloom additives, or 12 bands of light, etc.
    Unless you can grow outdoors with >12 feet of headroom, you will have to adjust your expectations. You will not see 5 pounds from that tent in one harvest.
    I can not tell you from first hand experience how to get massive harvests. That is not my goal. I grow for medical qualities in small amounts, but very high quality.
    If you wish to see what I grow, check my media page.

    If you want to know how to get those massive kine harvests, google oldhaole.
    Another crappy day in paradise;
    He knows what he's doing. :)


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    When your ducks are truly aligned.
    This makes an excellent CO2 generator. A 5 gallon jug, 4 gallons of pomegranate/blueberry juice from Costco, about 4 pounds of cane sugar and a packet of D-47 champagne yeast will give you a slow, steady source of CO2 for about 30 days.
    When it is finished, it is an excellent wine that you will be as proud of as you are of your buds.
    The bottom bucket is Christmasberry mead. It can produce smaller quantities of CO2 for several months at room temps.
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    You say there's no way to get 5 Lbs. from one harvest in a tent. I can't see why it isn't feasible ? From what I've read you only need a 1 sq. ft. area per plant. A 4' x 8' x 7' tent gives you 32 sq. ft. so you could put 32 plants ... however I was thinking 20 plants. 20 plants at 4 oz. each is 80 oz. which is 5 lbs. It sounds totally doable to me & if things get to cramped I have a 2' x 4' x 6' tent as back up.
    Does it still not sound possible to you after knowing the area I have to work with & the number of plants ? If I don't get the 5 lbs. I'll be giving up on growing because I can't justify the cost for the small yield. Just not worth it to me.
    The yield has to pay for the electric, about $200 in Nutes, $100 in soil, $100 in planters, $600 in lights, fans & filter, Bottled purified water (probably at least 100 gallons for 20 plants) $100 & so on. I didn't invest in this for a few oz. that's for sure.
    Obviously I'm going to give it a shot as I have 23 seedlings 1 week old growing now. Only 23 of the 40 seeds popped as I expected.
    Never the less....if 5 lbs. still isn't possible I would sure like to know why not.
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    Here’s the three books I have. I also have an on line book that’s a decent beginner book. I got these books from amazon. BCF51C30-CF89-4B3F-B3D9-898967141042.jpeg
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    Weeks? :)

    I C, said the blind man. ;)

    At least this place isn't drenched in SPAM, lately. :D

    Weeze didn't say it wasn't possible. You'll have your work cut out for you, though.

    A well lit 4x8 can absolutely produce like you dream about. :thumbsup:
    I don't think it'll happen on the first run. I didn't catch the strain. Feminized?
    Sorry, is there a log for this? If so, I missed it. Would love to see it. :cool:

    PS: You're gonna be luggin' a lot of water. ;)
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  11. Weezard

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    80 oz. _ 6.25 pounds.
    100 gallons of water will not be near enough.
    Purified, bottled water has added sodium and is a bad idea for other reasons.
    My greenhouse is 5' x 10' x 7'. With 5 or 6 plants, it's easy to care for them.
    With 10 plants it would be difficult.
    20? :(
    Start a grow log and show me the error of my ways. :)

    Best of luck.

    Wee 'zard
  12. Weezard

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    Oops! My error. :(

    That would work with 12 ounce pounds only.
    Was way too early for me to be posting anything.

    Carry on,
  13. Buds Buddy

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    yes....it is going to take over 100 gallons of water I'm sure. It took about 4 gallons the 1st week alone & I'm sure it will increase now that they've all popped. I've got 25 seedlings going. They are bag seeds from OG Fire. I'm hoping to end up with 10 females which I know wont give me the yield I want. But it's my 1st run with LED's so need to test it out anyways. Used MH / HPS last time. Just too hot & hard to cool. I know there's plenty of room for the veg cycle. When it comes to bloom I may have to use 2 tents (which I have) if I get more than 10 females.
    As far as a Grow Log...not sure how to do a real one so I just make notes on my calendar of what I did that day & Temp & Humidity. Take pics once a week & date them so I can see the growth. Not giving nutes till I transplant 1st time. Soil is 2 parts Happy Frog to 1 part Ocean Forrest.
    Wanted to cool down the mix a little since I plan to use nutes. I use the full line of GH products along with Cali-Magic.
    So what type water would you use if not purified ? I used purified through 3/4 of my last grow. I have this book called "The Grow Book & Equipment Guide" & that's what it says to use over distilled or spring water. The pH is 7.0 every time until I lower it to about 6.4.
    There's so much conflicting info out there from book to book I think the authors just wrote what method they used. That's one reason I hate wasting my time reading instead of asking experienced growers for the info first hand.
    It seems every time I read something & post about it I'm told it's bad info. So I found out the basics & trying different methods to see what works. When I'm done this time I'll know what LED's & T-5's can do. Already did MH / HPS & CFL's.
  14. Weezard

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    Actually, what you will "know" is how these LEDs did on this grow.
    If you had the room to do one tent with LEDs and another with MH/HPS, with good control of all other variables, you would have real information about their relative performance.

    Distilled water has no actual Potential Hydrogen, (PH).
    But calling it 7 works for practical purposes.

    Purified/distilled water is not necessary unless you are running a very precise hydroponics experiment.
    Folks used to fear Chlorine in tap water, and with good reason. High concentration could affect root growth.
    Actual Chlorine gas use is now very rare.
    The water suppliers all use Chloramine now.
    And that is why I now use a 1/2 rainwater, and half tap water mix for my grow.
    The half strength Chloramine is still strong enough to kill anaerobic bacterial growth as well as molds and fungi. But it does not harm the roots.

    The PH lands around 6.6 and I need no chemical adjustment.
    Most nutes are acidic, so I use straight tap water for them.
    The proper amount takes my Tap water's PH of 8.4 to about 7 and that's close enough for a plant that still has some root room.

    In '09 I tried a side by side test with cuttings in tap water along side cuttings in distilled water.
    The tap water cuts rooted well and stayed healthy.
    The pure water cuts got sucked dry of their elements by osmotic pressure and 2 of them were attacked by mold.
    Rain vs tap.JPG
    I now root all my cuttings in plain old tap water, refreshed every day.
    No Dipit, no Rootone, no Honey.
    (Because I tested those as well and found no clear advantage.)

    The nature of your tap water will affect the mileage of course. :)

    The FFOF/HF mix is a good move for the seedlings.

    If you start a thread and post your photos and comments to it, you will have a journal here for quick reference and something to attract comments from seasoned growers.

  15. Buds Buddy

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    Yea, I wished it rained here often enough to get rain water....but it only rains about 4 - 5 times a year,. or so it seems. We get very little rain.
    When it rains here people get excited over it & go sit somewhere just to watch it...LOL. I am afraid of using tap water so maybe I'll put a couple plants (taller ones since they're probably males) in the other tent & try it on them.
    1st grow I used tap water without pH-ing the water the 1st 3 weeks & plants leaves kind of twisted weird looking. After I pHed the water & starting using Nutes everything looked better. But then I read that R/O water was best for the plant & that purified water is R/O water.
    So I started using the purified water about 2 - 3 weeks before I started flowering. The plant stayed healthy so I figured the water & nutes helped.
    Ordered a 4 Bulb T-5 with reflector this morning along with 4 LED spotlights for the small tent so by next weekend I'll have it ready to put a couple of the plants in to try tap water on.
    This time I want to clone...but I need to learn how. I'll be reading up on it...but I'll probably get bad info again...LOL. I'm wondering where to cut the branch off at ? Do I only use 1 plant to clone or can I take a branch from several ? What's the best time to Force Flower to see if I have males or females since I have to take cuttings during veg. ? I'm going to want to get 10 - 12 clones from this grow if possible & that sounds like a lot of hacking for 1 plant to endure. Yes...I really need to read up on this real soon so I'm ready when the time comes.

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