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  1. giantfrostbudas

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    Has anyone tried the online dispensary in Canada mjnexpress.com?
    The website seems legit but was looking for any feedback. Someone I go to school with recommended it. I was going to order and see how it goes.
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  2. Stoner604

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    I got 1 of their flyers at 420 fest in Vancouver. They had a 20% promo so I decided to try the site out. I ordered 1 of their sample packs just to test it out. Ordered it the next day and received my order the following day via express post. Packaging had no smell at all. Was very happy with the quality of their product. Now that I know their legit, definitely would order again from them again.
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  3. Weezard

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    One post each?
    Gosh, that seems legit. ;)
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  4. Mescudi

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    We have good stuff here... I should know Lol
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  5. Weezard

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    Shill much?
  6. Mescudi

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    15 a g

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