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Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by Farang, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. Farang

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    if I let any strain go until the majority of Trichs are amber, haven't I - by default - created MMJ?
  2. Shovelhandle

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    The buds I've got from the dispensary had NO amber trics, on the sativa strains nor the indica. So if mmj growers (commercial) are doing this all over, I don't know. I do not care if 'up' pot has ambers but right now I'm getting towards week 12 waiting for some OG strains (and other more sativa) ripen to amber. I've had this situation every time where trichomes do not know what the vendors selling the seed promised in regards to flowering time.
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    you usually get couch lock...what's MMJ?
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  4. Weezard

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    In a word?
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  5. EvilCartman

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    I'm not sure I understand the question. o_O

    I guess we'd have to know what parameters apply, in order for something to be considered MMJ.

    Like Shov said, from what I've seen in the dispensary...anything goes. :D
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  6. emilya

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    MMJ = Medical Marijuana

    Therefore, by definition, any pot bred to have specific medical qualities, such as pain reduction, spasm elimination, etc. is MMJ.

    The point that you harvest this MMJ does not change the qualities of that particular variety other than the general observation that harvested before amber is not as strong as the fully ripened plant showing a certain percentage of amber trichomes. Since MMJ can include varieties that don't even get one "high" it is hard to equate a percentage of amber as being cerebral vs body, so when discussing MMJ amber is simply an indication of "ripeness."

    That being said, keep in mind that pot continues to ripen after harvest. The next stage after amber is black, and this is when the trichome has become overripe, and at this point the quality has begun to degrade. This is why you hear many growers say that 5% amber is just right... and by the time you get it to the curing jar you are looking at closer to 10%. No matter where in this process you pick it... pot that started out as a variety with medical qualities, remains MMJ pot.

    Even badly grown pot, having the right qualities, could be considered MMJ. This is where I will say that dispensaries have changed the street definition of MMJ to mean instead of describing certain qualities, to describing the skill that it was grown with, and how nice the buds look and taste. I have even done it in my own tents when I have produced a particularly nice crop of buds, and I say that I have produced medical quality pot. Actually though, I have just produced righteous bud, and not MMJ.

    Semantics... everyone has their own definition. :)
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  7. tangentweed

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    ANY strain grown, and consumed at whatever trichome stage of clear, cloudy or amber or any percentage thereof for any medicinal use is considered MMJ.

    Any strain grown likewise for personal use and enjoyment would be called recreational. It could be the very same strain(s) the above person uses medicinally.

    Some people drink a bit of fine wine for their stomachs sake. To feel better. That would be medicinal.
    Others enjoying that same wine in a social setting, or with a nice meal would be enjoying it for that reason.

    Pretty straight forward logic.
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