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Discussion in 'Minnesota (MN)' started by redpenguin01, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. redpenguin01

    redpenguin01 Banned

    Hey everyone.. thought I'd get together a little thread to post up some local herb shots. Lets see those fine buds you all got smoking on..

    I'll start..

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  2. redpenguin01

    redpenguin01 Banned


    (alot of these pics are beasters, gravities, trinities, and deisel x gravs BTW for anyone wondering)

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  3. afghooey

    afghooey Registered+

    Mgghhh. So close and yet so far away. :( Smoke some of that for me, I'm dry.
  4. Terps

    Terps Registered+

    where u live?
  5. nigel123

    nigel123 Registered

    so dry.... :-(

    so, so, dry.... :-(
  6. dschill

    dschill Registered+

    dude...i think we have the same
  7. AnyColourYouLike

    AnyColourYouLike Registered+

    Moved here from Oregon Last summer... Still haven't found anything to compare...

    Long story short i want to go home.

    But heres some select nugs ive picked up.

    Hastings Area.. If someone wants to show me what Minnesota has to offer.:thumbsup:

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  8. Psycho4Bud

    Psycho4Bud The Modfather

    Well, if ya put an empty glass upside down on a counter top you got a Vikings Trophy Case. :D

    Have a good one!:jointsmile:

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