MOAB/Late Blooming Nutrient Users...Enlighten me please.

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by razzapiggy, Feb 9, 2007.

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    Using Super Natrual blooming nutes. Been using half reverse osmosis water, half tap water which results in a PPM of 250. I have gotten my babies up to 1050 PPM (just now seven weeks into 12.12) I am using MOAB at the end of the cycle, you use it for the last two weeks of flowering and you cut down on regular blooming nutes. I was under the impression that the MOAB would not show up on a PPM meter, and the instructions say to cut down by as much as 50% on the regular blooming nutes when adding the full reccomended dose of MOAB. I added 75% of the reccomended dose of MOAB, and then measured the PPM, and it had increased 160PPM - I thought it wouldn't show up? My plan was to give the plants 75% of the reccomended MOAB dose, and then give them 75% of what I usually gave them for blooming. However, I only brought my PPM up to 850 after blooming nutes were added, so I gave them 400PPM of the bloom which is half of what I generally give them. Why did the MOAB show up, and next time I fill my resi should I just bring the water to 1050PPM as that's what they are used to? I didn't want to cut their blooming nutes down by 50%. Any experiences are appreciated, I kind of feel like I am short changing my plants cutting down 50% on bloom especially when I didn't even use the full dose of MOAB.
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    Why would the MOAB not show up on a TDS meter? Since it is such a powerful additive (1-52-34) you will definitely need to adjust the bloom food down so as not to burn them. If they are used to 1050, then add the MOAB first, and adjust up to that level with your standard bloom nutrients.
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    That's what I ended up doing Tokudai, I was just confused because I was told by several people (including the hydro store sales people) that the MOAB would not show up. Kind of confusing. In the end, that's what I figured would be best, add the full strength of MOAB, and then add bloom until I hit 1050. Thanks for the help

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