Moisturizer that won't make me break out?

Discussion in 'Women's Issues' started by Demeter, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. Demeter

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    Recently I have been trying various moisturizers and they all seem to break me out! Does anyone have a suggestion? My skin is more dehydrated than dry, but everything I've tried seems to clog my pores even though they claim not to- having wrinkles AND pimples is not making me happy!

  2. mikeo14

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    ...not rlly, but I take fish oil and it sorta mosturizes my face from underneath, only thing is... if you take it a lot you'll be really shiney
  3. Blondasian

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    I use neutrogina anti-wrinkle with spf 15 in it. It comes in a tube. Products with retin-a are good. They help prevent wrinkles and fixes acne.
  4. GraziLovesMary

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    Aveeno. Its non-comedogenic and works great. My skin can get pretty dry, it always has, and Ive never come across a lotion that has worked so well. I use it all over including my face. Never got a single pimple from it. If you really want healthy skin get a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil for your shower.. either put it all over your skin immediately after your shower, or put in on during your shower, let it soak in for a minute and lightly rinse it off. Not all of it, just most of the excess. Olive Oil is sooo unbelievable good for your skin. The only thing is, be careful if you will be getting sun that day because it will definitely accelerate the tanning process.
  5. birdgirl73

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    I've had good luck with Aveeno moisturizer, and I also use Oil of Olay sensitive skin, fragrance-free formula with success, too. Both are non-comedogenic, which is what I need. I use that Proactiv system benzoyl peroxide lotion and cleanser to battle breakouts, and they always include a little tube of oil-free moisturizer in the packages, but it doesn't seem to be a particularly hydrating moisturizer.

    I only use moisturizer during the dryest winter months. My skin is like an oil slick in its natural state. The dermatologist tells me I will likely be wrinkle-free for many years to come, but I'm going to still be battling breakouts when I'm in my 80s.

    I read that olive oil is a good one to try because it has fairly low comedogenic properties. And a friend of mine with very dry skin uses almond oil, which is supposed to be the same way.
  6. GraziLovesMary

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    Yay! Finally Im not wrong on something! :p Yeah my skin is a nightmare really as far as dryness is concerned. Doctors had always diagnosed me with excema, but if you ask me thats a lazymans diagnosis. They would prescribe me with a steroid cream like Hydrocortisone and some Eucerine and tell me to have a nice day. That went on for about 20 years. I have only just recently figured out what my problem was.. my skin grows at a very accelerated rate which is why cuts and scars dissappear in an insane amount of time(and also why my tans dont last for shit unless I stay out in the sun every day). But the problem is it grows so quickly it isnt always able to exfoliate properly, leaving me with dry, itchy skin. And what would I do?? Scratch the living fuck out of it. Throw in some bull-horn thick fingernails and a lowered sensitivity to pain, and you have severe excema. When I started smoking weed alot I was finally able to stop scratching myself subconsciously.. it was a very hard thing to do because its just something I had always done without thinking of it my entire life. The next problem was when I realized I was still scratching the fuck out of myself in my sleep. Like I would wake up with chunks of my skin lodged underneath my fingernails and blood everywhere lmao. Kinda gross huh?

    The olive oil changed my life, I shit you not. I now swear by it, but I dont even need to use it in every shower anymore, in fact, I only use it about once a week or so now. Ive never had normal skin in my life until now. Thank god I have Sicilian family that clued me into that one.
  7. Demeter

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    Thanks ladies- I am going to check out your suggestions!
  8. stinkyattic

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    Aveeno! Another vote. Yeah my old doc told me eucerin, but DAMN it's greezy.
    Fish oil pills are great for your skin.
    And the oil after a shower trick, yup, I use that too in winter- the Banana Boat tanning oil is my favorite (smells like the beach) but olive oil is WAY more natural and cheap too.
    I've been using a new facial product called Vita-C serum, it's not a moisturizer per se but is meant to prevent aging. It hasn't made me break out yet.
  9. napolitana869

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    I use mary kay. It's pricey ($20 a bottle) but I have really sensitive skin.

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