Molasses is Sweet Organic Goodness

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by Organic Rasta, Sep 7, 2006.

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    Any chance of getting this thread stickied in the Indoor or Basic Growing forum, or both? Seems a shame to keep it tucked away in the Outdoor/Organic growing forum.
  2. Rusty Trichome

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    I just came across some interesting info, and I think it's rather important...
    Never really thought there would be a major difference in products, so I usually get what's on sale. Anyway, I have a couple botles of the stuff around...and was comparing the labels.

    All are made by the same company, which is B&G Foods. All 3 are unsulphered. Numbers listed are from the labels, and are for 1 Tablespoon. (not that that matters, it's a percentage)

    Bottle 1 is an old bottle with less than one application left in it. It's Brer Rabbit Full Flavor, and the label says:
    Calcium - 10%
    Magnesium - 20%
    Iron - 15%

    Bottle 2 is one I'm just finishing, is Grandma's Original, and the labes says:
    Calcium - 4%
    Magnesium - 2%
    Iron - 4%

    Bottle 3 was purchased last week, and is Brer Rabbit Full Flavor (same product as before) and it's label says:
    Calcium - 8%
    Magnesium - 8%
    Iron - 2%

    I'm guessing it's something to be addressed when dosing your plants, or cracking open a fresh bottle. That's a pretty wide spread. Makes a lot of sense too, with all the different ratio's I've seen thrown around the past couple of years.

    The Grandma's page on their site tells of nutritients in the molasses (copper, manganeese, iron, magnesium, potassium, and that it's made from cane sugar. The Brer rabbit page says nothing about nutrition, lists no 'Nutritional Facts' (like on the labels) but does mention to check label for nutrition info. (big dark secret about ingredients, lol)
    Grandma's Molasses
    Brer Rabbit Molasses

    So when you use molasses, pay attention to the labels for concentration (percentages) of the nutrients. These are the two I've been using, (from Walmart) and thought performance or lack thereof was a strain tollerance issue. Perhaps not. Might be a ratio thing.

    Perhaps it's the use of plants other than cane sugar that Brer Rabbit is using, and the quality (variability) of the manufacturing process. But jeepers...I just can't see a major manufacturer saying..."It's only off 20%...that's close enough".
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    I started flowering my girls 3 weeks ago.
    I usually water every other day.
    First day is Dutch Nutrient Formula, mixed full strength.
    2 days later, a bit of molasses in water.
    2 more days, straight water.
    Then back to the DNF.
    Everything seems good so far.
    Anybody have any suggestions, good or bad?
  4. DzEe206

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    any1 got any experience using molasses during vegging, from what I understand it's a good source of nitrogen that won't burn your plant. I just wanna know if any1 has had done this before.
  5. Rusty Trichome

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    Seriously...? If interested in doing your own homework...Google 'unsulphured molasses' and check for yourself.

    If not, then the short answer is no, you can not use molasses as a stand-alone nutrient. It has boatloads of micro's, carbon, carbs, calcium, magnesium and iron...but is lacking in nitrogen. I give my plants a 1 tsp per gallon shot, once a month in veg. (basically once during the growth phase)
  6. DzEe206

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    thanks for the info rusty I must be lucky cause I've read some threads on cancom and you be getting on peoples asses when they ask stupid questions haha can't blame you for it tho but ima throw caution into the wind on this one and use it on one of my plants thats still in vegging.
  7. Dutch Pimp

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    first pic is 8 weeks flowering...second pic is week #11: water & molasses only...:)..( the final 3 weeks)

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  8. Rusty Trichome

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    As an additive it works great. Replaces calmag during flowering, and replaces bulking agents near harvest. But as a stand-alone nutrient...insufficient. :thumbsup:
  9. Dutch Pimp

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    I agree. I underfeed during most of the grow. Sometimes too much, underfeeding. I was thinking the yield on this crop was going to be very poor, because I used 2 gallon pots and didn't do a third transplant; because of space limitations & lazy.

    I feel like the molasses saved my ass, this time....:D
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  10. Dutch Pimp

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    Valentine Day harvest...:giveflower:

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    Be VERY careful with Blood meal. Its nice but not when it Nukes things. I can't stress this enough this is almost as dangerous as it is useful. Everything else you said is pretty much spot on. I use 1tsp of Molasses with Veg in Tea and 2tsp @ Heavy flowering, then lay off back down to 1tsp at finishing week.The only other thing I add that I haven't seen posted is Fish Fert for Veg and Bat Guano (which is pretty water soluble) rated 1-12-0.5 at Flowering. The Micro's love them both and along with the Molasses helps them multiply while keeping the numbers high due to no less than 2-*-* N ratio numbers.
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    i really really appreciate this thread i been having this bottle of organic molasses in my cabinet for the longest and didn't know what to do with it. I was wondering if you could use it in a aeroponic system. I didn't see anything in the thread about soil less systems and wondered how much should i use in a 5 gal res. Thanks for all the info and I really really love this forum im on here like three times a day.
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    Great thread....started using week 5 of my grow of the Larry OG....and the Skywalker OG.....2 teaspoons per gallon every other water...

    here are the results....I also use sea kelp, fish emulsion, and batt quanno, along with hydrozine......with happy frog soil....and 3 gallon grow bags in a SOG style grow.

    Larry OG 1 week till harvest.jpg
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    I added molasses my last grow about halfway through the flowering period -- 1-2 T in a 5 gallon jug to start, and then up to 1 tablespoon/gallon towards the end. I didn't know the science on it but I heard good reports. Not sure what to give credit to, as I had followed a lot of helpful info, but the results were spectacular. Huge sticky buds. Now that I know the science on it, I'm starting earlier (about 3 weeks into flowering), and blessing the sweetness. The girls must have a sweet tooth! Thanks so much for this great thread. My only problem in this climate (humid) last grow was gray mold, and those dense sticky buds really can rot fast! I'm using Serenade this time ... onward and upward!
  15. Kitchen Weasel

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    PS, this is for an outdoor container grow.
  16. deathpray

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    do you think grape syrup/molasses would work as only fertilizer at indoor growing? I dont wanna put bat shit next to my bed...
  17. Shovelhandle

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    Why the fuck not? Composted bat guano doesn't smell that bad. Now the fish emulsion fertilizers I'd understand. :)
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  18. Buggy

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    Composted guano or manure smells a heck of a lot better than NEEM OIL! :D Another reason I'm not sure on fish emulsions personally. ;)

    Working Molasses into our feeding schedule ourselves. As nothing to compare to, I'm sure I'll like the results. :)
  19. kangsmokesfifty7

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    I use walmarts un-sulfered molasses 1 tbs to a gallon for watering and in my hydro...after doing countless hours of research I have tomatoes that I thought wouldnt come up breeze past others that were up days before these after I mix this organic juice I pour about a quarter full in a spray bottle dilute it and use it to spray twice a day and they ar doing amazing.
  20. Captain Bill

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    I want to say Thank You too all that contributed to this thread. I am doing my very first grow attempt and will give this a try and see waht becomes of my veggies.
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