Molasses is Sweet Organic Goodness

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Organic Rasta, Sep 7, 2006.

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    Any chance of getting this thread stickied in the Indoor or Basic Growing forum, or both? Seems a shame to keep it tucked away in the Outdoor/Organic growing forum.
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    ok that was a lot of info there. I'm in my 5th week of flowering and about to get the Fox Farm Trio, can i start using molasses with the fert when i get it? and liquid molasses or dry? sry i'm a noob :)
  3. Rusty Trichome

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    Dry is usually mixed with oats or another filler, isn't it? Anyway, I use Grandma's Unsulfered molasses from the grocery store. (liquid)

    Go easy with the Grow Big in flower. Will deepen the green in your plants. I stop using it about 2 or 3 weeks before harvest. Molasses and Tiger Bloom continues till the week before harvest when I flush, and give nothing but properly ph'd water till finish.
  4. cypher420

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    well the Grow Big I wasn't gonna use since it seems like a veg fert. Did you mean go easy on the Big Bloom? I guess since i'm almost on week 6 I should skip the molasses for the next grow...
  5. Rusty Trichome

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    Sorry. Seems to be an ongoing battle with me, especially when rushing it. You wouldn't believe the number of times in the past I've actually caught that mistake and corrected it before posting. Usually happens when running on a low coffee level. ;)

    Perhaps there would be a benefit, but likely not a noticible one if only taking 'em to 8 weeks, and if they're looking fine now not sure I'd want to upset their usual diet. But if you're using a CalMag or similar product regularly, personally...I'd replace it with molasses. 1 tsp per gallon, once a week. Possibly twice depending on the strain, nutrients, additives...

    At this late stage, be damned sure not to overdo it if you do decide to give 'em some. Perhaps best to start slow on plants just out of veg, get to know the product, watch closely for results, then hit 'em with your best shot.
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    Sweet Tai

    Got the beans from Alien. Haven't let me down yet. Used Molasses starting at day 25 flower in conjunction with Canna nutes! Got the pop corns in a brown paper bag in addition to these colas. Not bad for a 1 plant closet grow probably 2 solid ozs :thumbsup:

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    how late can u give them molasses and how soon can u ? can i not use bud candy and just molasses?
  8. ZZTops

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    Hi All... New guy here but thought I would share my experience with Molasses on my last grow...

    Grew in Fox Farm Ocean Blend, watering from the top in 5gal buckets...

    Used 1 table spoon per gallon the whole Bloom process, except the last two weeks when I was flushing...

    Throw some dank sticky buds ( almost to sticky, if there is such a thing ) but I did notice towards the end of the grow the plant appeared to have a "crystallized" structure in the leafs as you could snap a leaf in half with a clean break...

    Also Bugs love Molasses as well, get the no pest strips out...

    In conclusion:

    This time I'm cutting back to 1 table spoon per gallon every 3rd of 4th watering as suggested earlier in this thread...

    During Bloom plants are taking in a lot of water ( mine were downing 2gal a day ) so I think it was to much of a good thing...

    Any way... That's my story...
  9. mx450guy

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    Honey works WELL in a HYDRO SYSTEM though....:)
  10. specialsmoke

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    If you want something to kick the beneficial organisms into overdrive, try the Organic Gem. This stuff is a hugh microb grower it kicks the benificial up like crazy. And in Univerisity tests it out performs 10-10-10 synthetic fert. One grower i talked to said his yeild went up over 50% and the use of it helps reduce and in some cases eliminate insect infestations. It is not a insecticide. It is one kickass organic fertilizer. It can be used on the soil to build benificals and feed the plant and also as a foilar. Organic Gem has essential vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, and growth hormones all of which are so vital for optimum plant health and growth. And it makes the herbs taste better.
  11. jimhelm

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    Great landmark post. Extremely helpful
  12. jnewcs

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    Are you saying you can use it in the place of cal-mag or MagiCAL?
  13. malus69

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    A very long but very informative read indeed. I'm new to growing but I'm all in for learning new things and experimenting with stuff. Only thing I'm uncertain of is where to find molasses in Europe, it's not so common out of the self here.

    One question though that I was always wondering, due sweeteners like molasses or even that story with the coke contribute anything to sweetening the buds taste or it's purely used from a nutrient point of view? Cause altering smell and taste is something I would really be interested in experimenting with IF it can be done of course asides during the curing period of the dried buds!

  14. rattlingdags

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    In the Netherlands molasses doesn't appear to be available in supermarkets and nobody I knew had heard of it. I did however track it down (thanks google) in a type of health/foreigner food shop known as "Natuurwinkels" and also online through some of the Growshops. It goes by the names 'vinasse', 'melasse' or 'suikerstroop' (in Dutch, perhaps something similar in German).
    My jar (300mls cost 2 euros in the natuurwinkel) is from a company called Horizon and they call it Rietsuikermelasse (its organic). Nothing is said about sulphur being added so I'm assuming its unsulphured.
  15. WickedJack

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    Is this mix (1tbs per gallon) "good enough" for the entire life cycle of the plant..?

    From seedling to harvest..?

    If using only molasses what would the difference in yields be between using full nutes..?

  16. Mrbig1

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    Well Molasses gives you Calcium iron and Magnesium as well as other micro-organisms that help the plant grow . where regular nutes give u NPK 0-0-0 amounts
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  17. weeddaddy50

    weeddaddy50 Registered+ this whole post about 3 times now...and have put into motion.....started with molasses at the grocery store....then moved to the molasses at the feed store 8 bucks for 16 oz......feed store......5 gal for 28 bucks......I use as a soil ammendment....and 8 ounces per 35 gallons of water in water storage....what is strange is different strains use it differently....some are just awesome sticky...almost with a goo..all over the leaves and HUGE trichomes...other it all in the leaves and stems...and not alot get outside to the can usually tell, because the stems snap very easily....there very rigid...but snap.....I have 3 pretty large tables of Larry OG in a SOG and they look amazing....just started flushing them....2 weeks to go...I fed them Molasses for 4 straight weeks 2 teaspoons per gallon every other water.....the buds are massive huge colas....once harvest comes I will post some pictures.

    the price is sure this is same stuff as bud candy.....Sweet....Raw.....etc...those are 40 per gallon.
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    ...... WAY to much info. I feel dumber for having attempted to read it....

    Any chance that the useful information is condensed somewhere?
  19. weeddaddy50

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    Nope not really......this is how you have to read it all......and then thing about it.......growing is not easy......but neither is learning....

    everyone wants to skip grades 1-12 and go directly to college of growing.......but its the building blocks...that make you a successful grower.
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    I've been lurking for awhile now, have just stumbled upon this thread, and after reading it through, found it worthy of my first comment! :cool:

    Having a crop of White Widow, and Northern Lights three weeks into bloom, I think I'll be stopping off at Safeway after work tomorrow to pick up a pint of molasses. This is definitely one of those head-slapping moments for me...

    Thank you, to the OP!
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