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  1. smackhead1984

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    im new to the idea of using molasses and am planning on using with bio bizz 'topmax' and would like to know how much i should be using and is mollasses sugar useable or is the propduct im after a liquid like treacle or honey?
  2. CultureCherryPopper

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    Go to the local food store and get yourself some blackstrap unsulphured molasses. I use about a tablespoon per gallon during flowering. It's helped for sure; my indica was some of the stinkiest weed I've ever smelled, and it came from middie bagseed.
  3. qwertyweed

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    I know this is off topic but would you say molasses used in conjunction with bat shit would produce very nice tasting buds?:Rasta:
  4. texas grass

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    molasses used in conjunction with any fert to my knowledge is great. molasses dont really make your buds sweet but it helps bring out the natural aroma, oils and flavors in the buds

    i have also found better results using a horticultural style molasses
  5. bballsk8er333

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    is it true that molasses causes clogs in drip systems? if so, is there any alternative? im def looking into mol
  6. Mr. Clandestine

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    You might want to head over to the Hydroponics area and ask this question there. I'm a soil fanatic, so I can't answer your question... but I'm pretty sure I've heard that molasses can cause some issues in DWC buckets and become stagnate in reservoirs. So definitely ask some of our hydro guys/gals before you try it.

    As for soil grows, I love using molasses. I honestly have never done a side-by-side trial with it, so I've never visually seen how well it works. But, on the other hand, the plants seem to love it... and have never given me indication that they didn't appreciate the added sweetness. (Probably makes the taste of the bat shit more tolerable! :jointsmile:)
  7. Dreadscale

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    I know nothing about hydo, but in soil it rocks.

    Potassium 8%
    Calcium 10%
    Magnesium 20%
    Iron 15%

    How can you go wrong with that?
    I started using it for the Magnesium and Iron and plants love it.
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  8. smackhead1984

    smackhead1984 Registered+

    hi, ive just ordered myself some blackstrap unsulphured molasses, please have a look at my plans after reading ur posts and a few searches....

    My molasses/ topmax dose im planning to use for flowering so far:

    1st week: 1ml topmax (per litre) no molasses.
    2nd week: 2ml topmax (per litre) 1 tablespoon molasses (per gallon)
    3rd week: 2ml topmax (per litre) 1 tablespoon molasses (per gallon)
    4th week: 3ml topmax (per litre) 2 tablespoon molasses (per gallon)
    5th week: 3ml topmax (per litre) 2 tablespoon molasses (per gallon)
    6th week: 3ml topmax (per litre) 2 tablespoon molasses (per gallon)
    7th week: Just water.

    both are included in every watering during flowering except for last week (or last ten days)

    does anybody have experience with the 'Top Max' product and how close to the upper limit of the recommended dose (2-5 ml) do you think i could push to before any problems occur?

    so how does it look?
  9. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    I've had no problems with molasses in my drip systems ... I was surprised to find it dissolved completely in cold water, too, I didn't expect that ... great stuff, made my buds obviously denser :thumbsup:
  10. Treetops

    Treetops Registered+

    Glad to see you back and posting...Got any pics we can see of your results in using the molasses?

    Treetops :thumbsup:
  11. smackhead1984

    smackhead1984 Registered+

    do you use it every watering or do you just include it once a week or so?
  12. smackhead1984

    smackhead1984 Registered+

    bump.. plz let me know how often molasses is added :stoned:
  13. Rusty Trichome

    Rusty Trichome Registered+

    I use 1 'gloop' of it, once a week with my micro's. Good idea to watch your ph when using it.
    During the winter, I use nutes on Mondays, micros and additives (molasses, CalMag Plus...) on Thursdays. During the warmer summer months, I generally nute on Mondays and Thursdays, (half strength each day) and micro's and additives on Saturdays.
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  14. smackhead1984

    smackhead1984 Registered+

    would it be ok to just keep everything in for all waterings but at smaller amounts?

    today i used per gallon:
    5ml of BioGrow, 10ml of BioBloom, 10ml of Topmax, and just a teaspoon of molasses.

    these amounts are well under the max dosage... biobloom, biogrow and topmax all have the max recommended as 5ml each, so im still under half that... and molasses ive seen as much as 2 tablespoons per gallon but surely that would be just weekly?

    I also keep wondering if the common recommendation of using half the recommended amount applies only to everyday fertalizers and not to brands made specifically for our uses.

    Im pretty sure bio bizz is made specifically for weed, mind you i still wouldnt use the max cos my soils already fat with vits. I guess that if i was using coco id be able to use near the max without problems?
  15. Rusty Trichome

    Rusty Trichome Registered+

    Don't know if what I do is right or wrong, but it works for me. I like to spread-out the foods and micro's, with freshwater waterings inbetween. (if necessary) This way I can better monitor the effects of the feedings on run-off ph, and the plants themselves. Drops my ph a bit too much if all mixed-in together, too.

    If the plants are receptive, can sneak-up on the max recommended dilution, over a few weeks time. (on mature plants) If unhappy, they'll let you know pronto. Wouldn't just go for it all at once, tho.
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  16. the image reaper

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    final yield was 4.25 oz. per plant, bone-dry buds ... I probably dropped another 1/2 oz. while manicuring :wtf: ... my trimmings all wind up in cookies, anyway, so no harm done :D ... but, the buds were noticeably denser, and more solid, with the use of the molasses ...

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  17. Big len

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    I use it all the time every watering in hydro 1 teaspoon to a gal, you will notice your bud will become more pungent, nice and stinky. Luv it.
  18. Treetops

    Treetops Registered+

    Very nice....You have done well as usual...
    Treetops :thumbsup:

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