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    Hi I just started growing almost 1 month I bought the clones and I use fox farm ocean forest and sunshine #4 for soil and I use advance nutes growing under T5 light in my patio in 2 gallon pot and I bring my plants outside in the morning and bring the plants in under my T5 for more lights because I want the plants to grow as big as possible with out flowering. I had nute lock and I had to flush my plants and I change the soil to roots organic 707 and I got my PPM down to 130 so I'll be mixing my nutes again. I have 5 plants that I started to flower and I want to use molasses and I was wondering when can I use molasses do I mix it with my nutes or mix it separate in 1 gallon and how much should I use the molasses and can I use molasses in vegie? my clones have been in veg for 3 weeks already.
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    You can give molasses through your grow to give suagers and other micro nutes. You could also mix it with any combo of nutes. 2tbls per gal workes great through out the grow:D

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    Don't mean to just interupt but I think I have an emergency ! I started using gran ma's molasses 2-day my plant is going on it's 3rd wk. of flowering that includes the 2 wk. pre-period.Don't know what kind of stain it is but the guy I got it from says it was chronic thats all I know. Anyway my plant went to curling around the edges of the leaves did I over water it ? used 1 gal mixed with a table spoon of molas aan used 1/2 a gal. on it. Oh plant is about 2 feet with 16 buds that I can count had to take my shoes off for that one. All help would be greatly appreciated and sorry bout the posting ethicate an grammer I'l get the hang of it eventally. 1st time posting.
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    I know this is a late reply but I just read this Make sure you use molasses without sulfur. Sulfur is bad and is possibly what happened. I hope you were able to save the grow
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    Where did I hear, "Molasses is Sweet Organic Goodness"???

    It's a stinky thread up top in the basic growing group: :thumbsup:

    If you used 1 Tbsp (Tablespoon) then you mixed it at triple strength and they got nute burn from the over dose. 3 tsp = 1 Tbs. Our friend RT recommends 1 tsp (teaspoon) per gallon weekly between fertilizing and I'm sure Rusty knows of what he speaks. :detective1: (Rusty, please correct me if I misquoted, thanks much)

    Anyway, for right now, perhaps a bit of a flush and a short break before working back up to schedule. If it's not a hybrid stain it may not be able to handle a full dose yet. :eek:

    No worries on the missethicationalizing, it happens to be best of us. ;)



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