Mold on Weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by mstmary, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. mstmary

    mstmary Registered+

    I havnt smoked for awhile and just reciently I was looking at the weed and it looks like molds growing on it. Should I even smoke it or is it just trash? Man this sucks.
  2. Sensi Super Skunk

    Sensi Super Skunk Registered+

    Trash it. A lung infection isn't worth it.
  3. sawleaf

    sawleaf Registered+

    Don't smoke bud with mold on it! If you can, try and cut off the parts that are moldy and dry the bud a little to keep any other mold from growing. Otherwise I'd just throw it out. I'm not sure if you can vaporizer it instead of smoking it. That may be an option for you also, but I am not too sure really.
  4. KronicKing

    KronicKing Registered+

    ahhh the all feared bud rott the grower should have gotten rid of tht but i gusse he wanted the bucks
  5. mstmary

    mstmary Registered+

    I heard you can put it on the microwave for 20 seconds and it kills it. Is this true? Or should i still trash it?
  6. KillaBuzz

    KillaBuzz Registered+

    hmmmmm....ive smoked shit wit mold on er, but that juss goes ta show how badly i wanted ta get high. if itz only a small part thatz got mold cut er off like he said, but if theres lots id toss the shite. srry 2 hear ov yer misfortune :mad:
  7. ndhawk

    ndhawk Registered+

    how long did you keep it for it to grow mold, just curious? I'd cut it off if its just a bit, probably trash it if it's alot
  8. Kronik Bagz

    Kronik Bagz Registered+

    fortunitly, i have never experienced mold on my herb, but i would like to know how it gets there an what it looks like. anyone have a pic of this? does it grow cause of moisture?

    peace n bagz
  9. tokerdenmoker

    tokerdenmoker Registered

    that is exactly why it is molding up on u
    try a brown paper bag
    it will do the trick
  10. AfroLogic

    AfroLogic Registered


    hey i just smoked some 4 month old .4 tree with my bro, it was wrapped in a plastic bag in all that time, are we safe? or do we need to see a doc?
  11. MPLSweedman

    MPLSweedman Registered+

    the age doesnt matter at all if the buds were dry when they were "put into storage"

    alot of the outdoor buds you will buy are actually over a year old because once theyre dry nothing can happen if they are kept sealed up

    however if it was some wet buds... they may have just hardened out but i would inspect them for spiderweb like fuzz on the outside of the buds

    if it was wrapped up, its probably just super dry and crumbly, if it looks alright just try it out and see how it is

    ive came across a QP of just nasty moldy buds and the smell was enough to nearly make me vomit, that is the number one giveaway, if there is a rotting dead body smell then you have moldy buds and they belong in the trash can

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