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Discussion in 'Strains and Seeds' started by JunkYard, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. JunkYard

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    Looking for a good mold resistant strain for an outdoor grow this summer. I've grown some skunk (Local bag seed) in the past that did well in my climate, but looking for a change up.

    Any ideas? I was wanting to try a Blueberry x Northern lights cross, but I'm not sure how it would fair in my area. (Hot, humid, and lots of dew in the mornings.. ..a fair amount of rain as well) It's gotta be mold resistant.

    Thanks in advance.. ..

  2. JunkYard

    JunkYard Registered

    o.k, I found out that early pearl and hollands hope are both very mold resistant. Has anyone tried these strains? If so, how do they smoke? I'm leaning towards early pearl right now, but don't know for sure?

    Help appreciated! ;)

  3. xxxhazexxx

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    hello junkyard:) my mate grows bb outside but he forces them to flower early and he does verywell betty from last year is still going she started growing again after harvest and now shes 2 1/2 tall and looking good:D :jointsmile:
  4. JunkYard

    JunkYard Registered

    I decided to just do the BB x NL indoors, and try something different for my outdoor grow this year. My grow spot is like 45 miles from my home, so it needs to be a fairly durable strain.. ..I just won't be able to tend to it like I need to./shrug

    On a side note, I ordered my T5's this morning.. ..woot woot They'll be here in a few days. My closet is coming together nicely, too. I just need mylar, and my HID now. :D

  5. stinkyattic

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    I think any of the Vancouver Island strains are mold resistant.
    Try Island Sweet Skunk.
    I think Federation sells a line of it.

    On a side note... T5= wOOt! :D
  6. JunkYard

    JunkYard Registered

    Island sweet skunk sounds great, only I need something with an early finish.. ..say early to mid Oct. Unless I can start flowering indoors early then move outdoors later. Three weeks should do it, though. I'm just not sure about height issues, and driving 45 miles with plants of this size in the back of my Jeep, haha.

    19.5% thc level sounds like a knock out stone, though. I want! I want! :D

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