Moldy Buds

Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by Growkid23, Jun 3, 2016.

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    I've a friend fighting a problem with black mold in her longs, the medical center wants to scrape out the inside of her lungs. She got it from black mold in the walls in her home. Just saying it can be awful.

    Too high of humidity is was causes mold problems, both brown mold and powdery mildew. I get some brown mold when it rains on big buds, you just have to spot and remove.
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    Hope she gets well
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    Hey Emilya, very interested to read what you said about producing your own fem seed.....are you saying by just leaving a few buds on a plant (which came from fem seed), in time will set seeds of its own.....?? can this practise be applied to outdoor, & how much time does it take, regards
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    If you leave your female flower flip female plant and flower for more than 90 days it will produce its own feminized seeds yes that is the correct terminology it is called Rotolization
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    No I do not believe a plant will survive with only a few buds on it
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    It dose not produce good smoke but if u have the cash to blow on electricity n nutrients n what not its a great way to do that it in a way I guess is like imbreading without the damage of imbreading a plants last resort to reproduce
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    That looks like what I used to have on my buds I left in the jar for too long, ended up throwing them in the garbage. DP That would of been some real nice smoke if it was not for the mold.
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    My female produced this female pollen sac I think

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    It's the only one on the whole plant what are my options the buds look great there isn't seeds but I was wondering if I can cut it off n save the female pollen to use when I'm ready it's in the middle of the plant the flower is open but the sacks haven't or atleast that is what I see
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    I tried to do that on one but didn't get it at the right time so it ended up not viable, hope your luck is better if you try it.
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    Thanks I put it in a zip lock bag n put it in fridge
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    There's a tone of pollen. In it just those two flowers she produced

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