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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by mrpibb1988, Aug 30, 2006.

  1. mrpibb1988

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    I've been growing a female oasis plant in my backyard and I have been babying it all summer, but the other day i came back from a little weekend away and noticed a grey spot on my biggest nug. I'm 98% positive it's mold, and I really hope it isn't becuase i already lost another huge budsite during a storm. What can i do to salvage my plant so i can get some herb to smoke!! Thanks alot!
  2. stinkyattic

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    Cut the moldy spot out ASAP.
  3. Zandor

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    Is it white powder mold?

    There may be something you can try if it is that is pure organic.
  4. Make sure to get all of it and watch the following days to see if anymore spreads. Make sure to get all the rain water off immediatly or cover it up. Really early in the season to be getting mold, really early to be having buds...sorry about your misfortune, also Zandor shouldn't this be in the outdoor section? :confused:
  5. Zandor

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    Maybe but it's also a basic question too....that is the rubb of topics that can fit in many categories.

    I am waiting on what type it is before I recommended to him to cut anything yet. I have done some research this week for my up coming show and found an interesting organic cure for white powdery mold and mildew.
  6. mrpibb1988

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    it is a white powerdy mold, and i cut most of it out, except some spread a bit. so now i'm just keepin an eye out for more. the reason it is budding is becuase my buddy had to get it out of his indoor grow space so we threw it in my backyard. sorry about posting in the wrong section, i apologize, but thanks for all your help!
  7. Abattoir Dream

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    just make sure you dont smoke any of it or youll get a real nasty lung infection, - good luck tho with that
  8. mrpibb1988

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    yea i'm gonna make sure i don't smoke any of the moldy bud, but the other buds are fine and i cut out all the mold, just wanna see if there is anything i can do to salvage what i have left

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